Show Me The Money, Honey. And Soon, Please.

The New Age taught us to pay yourself first. I always liked that idea. Had a hard time following through with it though. You know. Bills.

Over the years, Sage's energetics influenced the understandings and principles for living every area of my life differently, more consciously, more soulfully. The changes didn't happen overnight, but they happened none the less.

Money, of course, was one of the more stubborn areas that needed to change. It's such a dominant earthly reality that the physical facts of it kept bringing me down. Literally.

But there wasn't a solution to my problem. There never is, with Sage and the Soul Age. I know that. Instead, there was truth, illumination, honesty.

Sage brought through 8 succinct messages of truth, illumination, and honesty, in the 5th book in the THRIVING Series Vol III.

The messages are based on the need for EVERYONE to raise the bar on their relationship with money. It's not just about wanting more of it. It's understanding it and understanding your relationship with it. Just look at the chapter titles in 'Money Matters' -

  1. The Energetic Truth Of Money
  2. New Principles For A New Time
  3. The Layering Of Love
  4. Addressing The Patterns
  5. How To Create The Skills To Generate And Receive Money
  6. Creating The Momentum Of Realigned Energy
  7. How To Uplevel Your Patterns With Money
  8. Designing Your Money Future

THIS is a game-changer. THIS is what you've been asking for. Am I right?

'The Super Soul Age Series For Thriving In Uncertain Times' Vol III SEPTEMBER PROGRAM is now open for registration.

It includes 5 dominant reality books and a 35-minute one-on-one phone call with me to discuss whatever this program brings up for you.

  • 'FAMILY FREEDOM: You Are Ready To Know And Live The Whole Truth About Family''SELF-CARE MASTERY: It's Time To Master Your Self-Care Once And For All'
  • 'AUTHENTIC PARTNERSHIP: The Makings Of An Integrated Marriage And Intimate Relationship'
  • 'IT'S TIME: How To Create A Powerful Relationship With Time'
  • 'MONEY MATTERS: It's Time To Change Your Relationship With Money'

All this so you can THRIVE. September is around the corner and so is your opportunity to UPLEVEL these powerful areas of your life.