September's Salutations

September 4 '18 PM.jpg

As you go do your best to tidy up summer and enter the fall season, here's a movement and direction message from Sage for the month ahead...


"We believe most of the challenges on the planet would be solved by the human acceptance of their multidimensional self.

The human behaviour is to escape pain in the three-dimensional reality through more painful methods, when in fact the path to freedom and joy and relief is through the multidimensional self. 

We are further and further and further and further integrated within your being as a human on the planet at this time. There is a deepening, a depth that is requested of you, asking you to bring through the energy that we represent, the highest level vibrational energy from the universe that now brings through all your fields, through your energetic field, your emotional field, your biofield, your human self, your cells, your blood cells, your bones, and so forth.

Feel the energetics go into the marrow of your bones, into your blood flow and bloodstream, into the pumping of your heart, into the air in your lungs. 

For decades, we have been sharing messages of love through our channel. These messages of love have always been as fine sprinkles of fairy dust coming through.

Over the past few decades, these messages of love have permeated the soul field of many of the people we connect with, which means those who close their eyes and meditate and connect with our energy can easily access our vibrations through the soul field, because they are going to that level of focus with their human mind. 

Now we are saying that in order to get the satisfaction that humans want as part of the human experience imagine a portal opening within your aura. 

This portal is now a hole that goes through the soul field, through the energetic field, through the biofield, and into the human body. The hole pours liquid love in the form of gold and silver and pink and green. Fine love going directly through the heart and pouring through the bloodstream. 

Action is then required at this time. Integrated action. Aligned action. 

  • When we say integrated action, we mean loving inspired action is what leads to your satisfaction.
  • When we say aligned action, we mean action which supports the verbiage that for the past two decades has said, “We must unify. We must collectively unite for our missions”. 

The common mission is quite simply, to infuse the planet Earth and the universe with love. To bring deeper peace, deeper joy, deeper connection, and collective community toward living in a unified fashion in the way the universe is calling all souls. 

The calling of all souls is to be love, to do love, to share love. When we say sharing, we mean honouring each other, not individuating for individual agenda, but unifying purpose, unifying mission. This is where you can gain the satisfaction you seek.

What is satisfaction? It is a deep well of peace within the heart. 

Satisfaction gives you:

  • The peace within the heart that is not focused on fear or survival or emotional drama.
  • The peace within the heart that is not worried about whether he or she loves you or not.
  • The peace within the heart that recognizes all incidents happen in the physical lifetime are only perceived harms.

We are not diminishing the physical earthbound reality of perhaps a rape or an injustice or an attack or an abuse, and yet we say to you, you are not your physical being. You are your soul. Your soul is never harmed.

This is where the satisfaction is, therefore. In the deep well of peace of knowing.

How do you further integrate our messages and the physical teachings you may be reaching out for? How do you leverage our messages to integrate them into your being so you are taking consistent, inspired, aligned action?..."