Separating Truth From Fact: Sage's Easter Message

March 31 '18.jpg

I don't think it's a coincidence that this year, Easter Sunday AND April Fool's Day fall on the same day. Interesting, isn't it?

For the last year or more as Sage has ushered us into the Soul Age - the age of integration of earthly and greater realities - they have gifted us with sacred messages that reflect more transparency, more exposure, more greater understanding of truth over myth. It's a dominant theme.

With this in mind and at this time of year, they have a message for us all. Have a deep read. (Easter chocolate is not required but highly recommended.)


“We are aware of the energetic imprints of the planet at this time. We tell you, you are extraordinarily aware.

The imprints that resonate as a Christian story has permeated for thousands of years. What we are referring to are the events which occurred and the myths and contrivances that came into being, and becoming, the stories.

All mythology has been added to, in order to create stories that are larger-than-life. The religions, the organizations of belief on your planet, each have their stories, each have their creations to anchor the foundational belief.

Every organization of philosophy or religion has stories of birth and death to the degree that gives those who listen to the stories the beginning, the potential ending, and so forth.


As Sage, we speak to all religions and beliefs, however, we recognize that coming through our channel it would be more difficult to speak to the beliefs coming from other organized religions, for there is an attraction that you have to her and it is through the demographic comparative.

So we speak not to the Christian story, but to the resonance of the energetics that has occurred.

We speak to you as a collective at this time for you have been part of the story, the myths, and the events, again and again.


We ask you to breathe and pause from jumping forward, moving forward, and to recognize that the time you are in as your particular demographic, is but one focus. 

There are times you are also living according to your calendar, thousands of years ago, for example, when the events we have spoken of, occurred. Times on your planet when you were part of, you contributed to, or you listened to the additions to the events to create myths and stories.

Because of this accumulation, it has, of course, become difficult for you to separate truth from fact. This is the current energetics.

You look at your life, at your broadcasts, your conversations, your social media. You are aware of the confusion. What is the truth? What is the fact? What is the actuality?


There are many versions, many perspectives. In your world, it could be, ‘he said, she said’. It could be a grander or a smaller perspective. And therein lies the confusion.

If you have a grander perspective and they have a micro perspective, it will be difficult to connect. If you have a detailed micro perspective, and they have a grander, it will be difficult to connect.


Your world “leaders” - and we put this word in quotation marks to emphasize it is not a literal word but rather a chosen word to title oneself leader of a country, of the people, of the culture, of the tribe - your world "leaders" on the planet at this time are living the stories imprinted from the times we have spoken of that you may call Easter.

These "leaders" are of a different era, however, the stories, the players, replicate, for they are of the seedlings that were planted thousands of years ago. 


Do not look to find who is the Christ figure, what is the rebirth within this message.

We are attempting to give you a movement of vision, an expansiveness of perception, so that you are beyond events, story, contrivances, myths, and rather recognize it all as perspectives which individuals and groupings have at their particular position, at their particular time of circumstance, with their particular accumulation of experiences along the way.


So you must look at your world events, must look at your "leaders" as we have called them, as they have called themselves. You must see that they are clashing, bashing, smashing, in order to usurp others, to gain a masculine-only power.

You have seen this before. You have watched this, thousands of years ago and at other significant events on your planet since then.

We tell you, do not be afraid. Do not give into the uncertainty, whether it is mirrored in your personal life, in your body, relationship life, in your bank account life, in your domestic life, in your career life, in whatever aspect you may see the reflection.

We ask you to rock and roll and sway and keep the flexibility in the mind, in the feelings, in the body, so you may move this way or that, you may dodge, you may stand strong and true.

This does not represent inflexibility, fear, massive opinions.

You must stand up and model that you are witnessing the beginnings of a repeat of history.

You are witnessing massive over control, changing of the guard, endings and beginnings. 

This is the current energetics at this time.

That is all.”