Seasonal Alignment

November 11 '18 PM - facebook.jpg

Remembrance Day is always felt as quiet & sacred. It's also a time of recognizing we are deep into the season of fall. Here's what Sage has to say:

"It is the time of letting go.

The trees let go of the leaves.  The full colours of summer change direction and become a new spectrum of colour in your fall. The emotions follow the shifting colours, the letting go.

As Sage, we see that many of you are moving deeper into the cool, crisp, clear fall season. You are aware that every season has its gifts. And the season of fall can be one of beginning again, reinvigoration, reframing....

We wish to tell you that you have gone through a compression of time. Much has happened in a very short space of time in your linear counting. 

There has been a compression of time, a time change, a time warp, a matrix-like energy. Time could have felt as thick. As though you could only move through it slowly. 

The biggest opportunity for you at this time is to adapt to the nuances of time, to become part of this matrix energy, to tune into the universal energy and the season of fall, to know when it is time to reap and sow and plant. 

Fall is the season of reaping, of collecting the bushels of intention and energy and storing what you have learned and tucking it aside to reflect on before you enter the winter season. What you gather in the fall will nourish you into the future seasons. 

At this time, we ask you to you consider the seasons as they relate to your life. 

Consider the fall season in your relationships - the intentions you planted back in the spring in your relationships. If you planted the seeds of love and connection and growth and learning in the spring, you will reap deeper understanding, deeper connection, deeper relation to spirit and the universe in the fall.

It is through relationship that you know one another, that you know yourself. It is through relationship that you connect to your spirit at the highest level, because it is only through the reflection of another, that you can truly see yourself.

If your partner is in physical pain, they may be reflecting an unfelt pain that you may be experiencing. If you are calm, centred, and focused as a partner, you are reflecting to the partner that they have the capacity to be calm, centred and focused. To the level that you are committed to helping your partner grow, is what you reap from the seeds that were sown in the spring.

If you look at at the understanding of seasons in your work, what seeds did you sow in the spring? If you planted seeds of intention to grow, of intention to better the planet, of intention to serve, then you would have had blooming developments of your work over the summer season. Now into the fall season, you will be reaping the benefits of what you planted in the spring. 

Your season of fall is the time to be very clear. It is the time to re-evaluate the seeds that have been sown. The time to focus energy, and align with the universal waves of time.

Stress is experienced by those who try to operate in a season that they are not in. You can plant seeds in the fall, but because fall is not necessarily the season of planting, you may not reap what you have sown until the following spring or fall.

This is the time of alignment with the season of fall so you can flow with it and live your life according to its flow. This will give you the peace, the joy, the freedom that you seek.

And so we ask you, what does the fall season mean to you? How can you reap the efforts that you sowed in the spring? 

At this time we ask you to acknowledge the love and growth that you have achieved since the spring. Connect daily to the spirit of life not just the material or physical of life.

When you connect daily with the spirit of living through meditation, through walking in nature, through depth of connection, you align naturally with the flow of the seasons.

Stress is created when you attempt to go against the order of the universe. Now, more than ever, you will sense and know what it feels like to go against the flow of the seasons, and what it feels like to go WITH the flow of the seasons.

It is through connecting with the spirit of life that you can stay attuned to the new energies and the flow of the season of fall."