The Top 7 Questions I Get Asked ABOUT SAGE - Part 2

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In my book, ‘Conduit’, I described how and when and why Sage came into my life. 

That may have answered a few questions about the past, but it doesn't answer questions about Sage today. After all, it's been 22 years since Sage made their presence known in my life.

So, I thought it was time I listed out the most repeated questions I get asked over and over again - and then answer them for everyone. The first 3 questions I answered here.

But there are more…

The Top 7 Questions:

  1. Do you talk to Sage, or do they talk to you?

  2. Does Sage talk to you all the time? 

  3. Is there anything Sage doesn’t talk about? 

  4. Does Sage tell you what to do or what your future will be?

  5. Have you known Sage in a past life?

  6. Can Sage answer my questions? 

  7. Can I book a reading to talk to Sage?

Does Sage tell you what to do or what your future will be?

In one word: no. Sage talks about the difference between the New Age and the Soul Age. In the New Age, many people looked for gurus and leaders and guides who would tell them things they believed they didn’t know. Sage tells us those people gave their power to them rather than learning how to access it and trust it themselves. That’s why Sage’s messages are all about the universal truth in the Soul Age. They never tell us what to do or what our future will be. They remind us of the truth and of our power to create our future.

Have you known Sage in a past life?

Sage has described themselves as a composite of multiple energetic streams. They are not one person. I have been connected to the energetics of Sage for many lifetimes.

Can Sage answer my questions? Can I book a reading to talk to Sage?

Because Sage does not want you to give your power to them (or anyone or anything), they do not answer personal questions. Instead, they help you to understand what your question is really all about. So rather than a problem/solution situation which means you are looking at something with a limited mind or vision, Sage helps you achieve a greater viewpoint of your situation. Then it’s not so much a problem you need an answer or solution for because you’re able to develop a bigger broader understanding and create a different scenario.

Having said that, no, I do not facilitate ‘readings’ with Sage. But all the messages in the monthly course I bring through are direct channelling of Sage. AND, those in the Soul Group Membership receive a personal message from Sage every month based on their current life situations and experiences. They tell me the personal messages are extremely illuminating!