The Top 7 Questions I Get Asked ABOUT SAGE - Part 1

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In my book, ‘Conduit’, I described how and when and why Sage came into my life. 

That may have answered a few questions about the past, but it doesn't answer questions about Sage today. After all, it's been 22 years since Sage made their presence known in my life.

So, I thought it was time I listed out the most repeated questions I get asked over and over again - and then answer them for everyone.

The Top 7 Questions:

  1. Do you talk to Sage, or do they talk to you?

  2. Does Sage talk to you all the time? 

  3. Is there anything Sage doesn’t talk about? 

  4. Does Sage tell you what to do or what your future will be?

  5. Have you known Sage in a past life?

  6. Can Sage answer my questions? 

  7. Can I book a reading to talk to Sage?

Do you talk to Sage, or do they talk to you?

In the beginning, I used to ask Sage specific questions. I used to also ask them to talk about specific subjects. Over the years that changed. It felt more aligned to ask them if they had anything they wanted to share with me. Since going public with Sage in 2012, we have a different relationship. It’s now one of influence at times and infusion at other times.

Think of couples or best friends who have been together for many years. They frequently finish each other’s sentences and know what the other one is often thinking. I feel Sage with me most of the time, influencing my thoughts and sometimes speaking directly into my mind as I do with them. However, when I bring through messages for courses or personal messages for members of the Soul Group Membership, it’s pure Sage and I am the direct conduit.

Does Sage talk to you all the time? 

I would say that Sage inspires and enhances most of my thoughts and words. At this stage of working/living/loving with them, I trust their influence in my one-on-one sessions and in many of my private conversations. Their influence is so seamless I doubt you could tell the difference. But for the most part, Sage communicates with me most of the time. When I go to sleep at night, it’s often as we’re conversing. When I wake up at night and in the morning, I can feel the conversations we were having. Throughout the day I can feel them always there but not always communicating. Yet, if I tune in, it sort of turns up the volume. ;)

Is there anything Sage doesn’t talk about? 

If there is, I have never found it! Over the years I’m always amazed by what Sage DOES talk about. For example, when they started to talk about myths and mysteries, aliens and Sasquatches, and I realized an entire course was being prepared, I was dumbfounded. It felt so X-Files, so Sci-Fi. But of course, it wasn’t that at all. It was so very much more. (Curious? You can check it out here.)

When Sage first began talking about the Soul Age it was most confusing to me. I’m sure I checked out of those talks until it became apparent that everything Sage ever talks about WAS about the Soul Age. Huge light bulb moment. The biggest. It tied it all together. Their name especially - SAGE. SOUL AGE.

How about I leave the rest of the Q&A for Saturday. You’ll want to read more then.