Sage's Sacred Message For The Energetics Of Remembrance Day

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There are many layers of meaning in Sage's message. It draws several themes together so a birth - a breaking open - can then occur. 

The sacred message gives us many ways we can feel or claim this 'breaking'.

Everyone has something which is ending or completing or must be let go of in order to move forward.

In the grander perspective of history, this message points to the events that created what we call Remembrance Day. It's an energetic understanding of a breaking open to a new chapter, a finishing of a cycle, an opportunity for new choices and behaviours.

Personally, I'm particularly drawn to this sacred message about Remembrance Day and wars and soldiers for I know it represents other times on the planet when mankind fought against mankind.

In other words, any time we fight against ourselves, any time we feel there is an enemy, any time we judge or criticize whether it's unloving or violent, it is still mankind against mankind.

When this specific truth brings in soldiers and war, it can trigger many. The denseness of 'us against them', of life against death, of good against evil, is pure polarity. The opposite of oneness and integration.

The truth asks us to not to feel sorry for victims of war or victims of mankind against mankind acts, for in our multidimensional awareness we know there are no victims. There are choice and agreements.

As much as our three-dimensional selves would argue this polarity statement, our multidimensional selves would know. We are breaking open this understanding in our acts of love and light.

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"There is a break feeling for many at this time. The break represents "I need a break" or "I'm going to break" or "The next chapter is ready to break".

As Sage, we ask that you think of the word 'break' as breaking open. We communicate it with you this way.

Many who feel they have a broken heart, or they have broken hope, we would tell you it is breaking open. There is another chapter, another level that is now birthing.

At this time on your planet, there is a great sensitivity to the breaking energetic. As will all breakings, the cycle is completing. It is a cycle you have been on for some time or one which may feel as though it has gone forever. 

All the work, the consciousness application, the brain infused lightness that you have been doing, is breaking open.

For many, this may feel as a great and deep realization, an alignment represented by an 'aha' feeling, if you will.

You may feel it in the body if you tune inward, if you sit now but perhaps lay down later and feel the entire body representing this end of cycle and readying to begin another all at the same time.

You may feel in the sensitivity, in the great emotion, for breaking open may feel as tears of release, of exhale. It is the ending, the letting go aspect. Something is over. You are passing over the centre position of the symbolic infinity symbol. You may view it this way. 

Something or some pattern or some way you used to do or react or behave is coming to an end as though you may still feel the previous versions of you but you do not act on them.

Instead, you might say, "I would have texted or told them how I felt, but I know now it would not have served anyone. The action I previously took was merely a reaction on my part. And so instead, I now send them love and light."

As Sage, we recognize that the phrase 'love and light' may be deemed trite, however, you have the ability to hone in on each word and know them as so much more than trite.

Love and light: two words which of course represent the same energy. They are present at every turn of your cycles. They are in the beginnings and the middles and the endings. They are in the breakings, the birthings.

Wherever you are in these cycles or awarenesses of your particular cycle, the love and the light can be the direction, the intention, the behaviour of choice.

So the breaking can be as the breaking of dawn. A new day. What was done is done. There is no need to dwell on it and we mean that emphatically. It does not serve to dwell on it, but rather to up level it in the next creation of how you do what it is you do. Up levelling your choice and behaviour. All of it together.

For many on the planet, this is the time of remembering the past events which have involved so many humans. We wish to tell you that those humans all agreed to take part in all that they took part in, for at the time of great polarity on the planet, the experiences that would occur for them meant that it would break them open to new choice, new value, new love, new depth of appreciation, gratitude, and compassion. 

So it is the energetic exchange that occurs as the Earth tips and twirls on her axis. She comes round again. A full year again. The events of this time of year have been imprinted for decades and decades and decades.

It is a heavy feeling for many whether they are aware of what the heaviness is or not. We tell you to look into your life, into your choices and ways of being.

This is not about thanking soldiers for their part, for that was merely mankind against mankind. There is no enemy. There never was.

No, your elevation of this energy is not about remembering and honouring those who gave their life, for we remind you, it was by choice pre-incarnate.

Rather, we tell you to use this energy that is here for you at this time in this next revolution of the planet. Use it to break through wherever you are, whatever is going on with you.

That was then and this is now. You will not forget that you have choice. This is the message we ask you to take deep inside at this time."