Sage Talks About The Future

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Sage has always talked about the future. And the past. And the present. They have said:

"As Sage, we have declared we are not fortune tellers, gurus, mystics. We are not here to foretell future. We are here to share with you the vantage position you are evolving to. We are here to remind you of this vantage position, for in your multidimensional state, you know it well."

Want to know what else they say about the future?

"Although you may believe that your past self, your future self, and your present self are separate, they are, in fact, infused.

The densest form of you is in present self. The future selves, the past selves, are less and less dense. This is why there are multiple versions which can occur.

We give you the symbology of an hourglass with its funnelling below and funnelling above, and the solidity in the centre. The shape of the hourglass allows you to see that the densest part in the middle is the present self.

The future and the past have a grander, wider range, even though you would believe your past is written in stone, is very solid, is done. Period. Full stop. We can tell you, it is not.  

Your past, whether we describe your past stories in this life or other lifetimes, is as your future in that there are multiple, multiple versions. Your levels of consciousness, your levels of awareness, will shift what you saw, what you did, how you responded, what happened, to the degree that you can indeed change your past.

You are doing this to a degree or another at this point in your awakening. We tell you that this point in your awakening is never a static point. It is dynamic.

As Sage, we teach teachers at the specifics they are ready to embrace. We go over and over and over the so-called material for all aspects to click into place.

For example, if you were to look at aspects of your past to judge them, judge yourself, judge the situation, feel bad about it or them, and so forth, you would be creating a future based on that judgment or experience.

As a powerful teacher, as a very powerful creator, you must see your past with the lens of grace.

At this powerful time of alignment, the potential to see your past with grace, to dearly love the versions of you, to adore the innocence that you were, are, and on many levels, will be, is essential.  

To do for yourself will then determine what you can do for others. In the oneness of all, there is an alignment of all that you are, which must begin with self."

The October program - MESSAGES FROM YOUR FUTURE SELF: The Time To Receive Them Is Now - begins October 2nd.