Sage On LOVE

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Over the years Sage has talked more about love than any other subject.

It was 22 years TODAY that I formally 'met' Sage and they began their messages talking about love and the energy of the times we are all living in. Their message are as relevant TODAY as they were 22 years ago.


"There is a global rape. The masculine are angry. They cannot control the feminine. They are afraid. They need to embrace the feminine and integrate the feminine into the masculine. 

The feminine is gentleness, unconditional love, hugging, embracing, mothering, nurturing, less about image or ego and more about being demonstrative in love.

The masculine is action, protection, aggression, fathering, and loving with more demonstrations by showing the way.

Globally you need to honour both. The feminine needs to embrace the masculine energy, taking back one’s power. The feminine needs to lead, to support women in politics and in business, for example.

The younger men below 30 years old are often exceptions for they were born to women who raised boys differently, with reverence and awe..."


Sage spoke on and on (for years!) about the times we have chosen to incarnate in and how the integration of the love from both the masculine and feminine essences IS THE ONLY WAY FORWARD.

It's not about men and women. It's about feminine and masculine.

We ALL have feminine and masculine within us. Sage tells us that, "It's to the degree they are balanced that you will be able to unlock the future to the life and world you wish to create."

  • Integrated masculine & feminine love opens the locks of limitations.
  • Integrated masculine & feminine love opens the locks of denial.
  • Integrated masculine & feminine love opens the locks of acceptance.
  • Integrated masculine & feminine love opens all the locks and allows the free-flowing love to REIGN.

In the focused month of love, remember that the most truthful and living activation of LOVE is when YOU bring out your masculine and feminine in equal measure.