Sacred Messaging For December

Dec 5 '17 PM.jpg

December has slipped into our focus now.

With December's energetics filled with expectations and assumptions for this time of year, I always appreciate the sacred messaging from Sage.

So settle into your sitting spot for a few moments and have a read at some of the highlights from the 5,800-word chapter 'December' from the book 'At This Time'.

Feel the words as more than words. Let them register. Know them as truth.

"You must be feeling the increase of speed at this time. There is a birthing of a new portal, an emergence of a new shift, the opening of new possible futures.

This time is being felt by everyone on the planet. It is affecting lives in unique ways....

Right now you are likely feeling an inner fire, a spiritual urging to do what you came here to do. To waste no more time.

Although you are on the path you are creating, you may still hesitate about the next big commitment to the spiritual choice of being a spiritual human being on the planet at this time.

Please know you can no longer use your fear of security and earthly stability. We are not asking you to give up anything. You do not have to walk away from your homes or from the people you love and go to a mountain and commit your life to spirit as has been done many eons ago with monks and priests and nuns...

What we are saying is you need to trust at every core of your being, every fibre of your being. You need to trust that taking the next big leap into the spiritual faith, into the spiritual choice, will provide you with the security and the stability you seek and know within....

You need to go to multidimensional thinking for it moves beautifully with the morphing and plasticity of time....

The urgency of time is for your own growth commitment to the soul promise you made when you incarnated at this time..."

You can read more of this message by downloading the book here.

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I want you to be able to read ALL the sacred messaging for December AND have the book for each month of next year.