Remembering ALL Realities In July

It's JULY! To me, that spells summer in full caps, whereas June spells summer in lower case. Know what I mean?

The energy of JULY has a different feel imprinted on the planet year after year. In a word, it's MORE. Energetically, JULY is MORE intense than June. And you can define 'intense' however you choose.

SO, in order to meet JULY's intensity in balance, you can match it with the intensity of love, compassion, understanding, etc. Understand?

Sage has A LOT to say about July in my book 'At This Time'. If you haven't read it yet, here's a brief excerpt to set the tone of July for you....


"You may feel you have now rounded the corner into your season of summer. It is the season many of you look forward to the most, often because it connects you with the natural elements which allow you to be free, warm, slowed down.

There is a time for everyone that reminds them they are more than human-only.

For some, it is when they are near or on or even in the water such as a lake, a pool, the ocean.

The suspension of time, the opportunity to connect through the element of water and air, to feel your body beyond the same physicality in form you experience daily, are all the benefits that drive you to look so forward to the summer time.

Perhaps you crave the fire element through the sunshine, through the heat. You want the connectivity of the sun to polish your body, to allow it to feel all shiny and glowing. When you are in the rays of the sun in the months when the warmth is truly there, you can connect to more than your human-only.  

We could take you through every element.

We could take you through every natural aspect of the design of your planet and your cosmos, and remind you, remind you, remind you, of home, of the energetic being that you are, the vibrant soul.

In this physical incarnation you are having, we understand that memory is distant. This is why your design of planet has such opportunity.

The earth, the air, the water and the fire are available for you to commune with. The animals, the plants, of every variety, every kind, vie for your attention, so you can feel the more-than human-only aspect.

Everything is reminding you.

As you uplift to this remembering, this living in a higher state of experience, you are so often reminded of the challenging human realities around you - the realities of your work, which you might not feel connected to, your relationships to family, loved ones, friends. Perhaps it is your health grasping for your attention. Perhaps it is your money whether the lacking or the seeming lacking or the not enough.

The realities on the planet while you are in physical form are unavoidable. You will not be able to bypass them. You could wish and wish and do your very best to manifest the ease of not having to think about family dynamics, your body, your money, and so forth, however there would always be what we have been calling a challenge, yet you know it as a dominant reality that will get under your skin, that will itch you, that you will want to scratch, that will bother you, that will frustrate you, that will cause you to have sleepless nights.

These, of course, are the gifts you have said in this lifetime you wanted to uplevel. You wanted to move through them. You cannot avoid them. You cannot leave everyone who does not match your ideals. You cannot win the lottery and no longer have to think about work or money. There will always be dominant realities such as a family member who will need more than you can provide in the way of support, in the way of your time, your resources.

We remind you of these realities because they exist on your planet. They exist for you as long as you are in physical form.

We will not give you messages of how to bypass these human dominant realities, but we will give you messaging to help you understand them from your soul’s vantage position, to help you work through them, to assist you in expanding your understanding of them through the lens of soul.

You have access to our messaging. You have access to much resources on the planet at this time that can provide you with the expansive viewpoint and integration to live a truth rather than an avoidance.

We are here for this service, providing even more specifics to the questions you are asking. “What is my purpose? Where is my soulmate? How do I take care of myself? What is the purpose of family? How do I best manage my time? Why is money always a problem for me? The spiritual New Age is not enough for me. There must be something more. Show me.” And so forth.

As Sage, we work with our channel to bring through the understandings you are ready for at this time. The understandings you are asking for. You are not running away from. You are not in denial of. You are saying, “Bring it on. Let me move through this. Let me activate it...."

Read the full message for July in 'At This Time'.