Registration Closes Today For Vol II

Today's the final day to register for this STELLAR THREE DIGITAL BOOK AND ONE-ON-ONE PHONE CALL program. It's a HUGE lineup!

The August Program includes: 

1) Soul Seeds: The Time To Align With Your Soul's Purpose Is Now
2) The Soul Age: How To Evolve From The New Age To The Soul Age
3) The Superhuman Self: It's Time To Activate & Claim Your Superpowers 

And a private phone call...

The month of August gives you a bit more time to dive into a book or 2. It unplugs you from the day-to-day and allows you to plug into something more 'out there'.  

For some, it's reading way-cool sci-fi. Others love the romances. And there are some who've been waiting patiently to read the latest non-fiction.

'The Super Soul Age Series For Thriving In Uncertain Times, Vol II' is all THREE. (Ha!)

 - It's 'out there' way-cool sci-fi 'sounding'.
 - It's the greatest love story ever told.
 - AND it's the latest greatest non-fiction must-read.
 - And did I mention it's life-changing? BONUS!

These 3 books AND a 35-minute one-on-one conversation with me, make up the rich and life-changing AUGUST PROGRAM. Registration for this self-guided program closes though so sign up now and you're set for the month.