Ready To Make That Important Change?

Ready to make that important change?

You know the one I'm talking about. It's the one you've been avoiding, denying, making excuses about, putting a bit of effort into once in awhile, talking about, not talking about, embarrassed about, proud of, and basically dancing around.

But that was then and this is now? Now? NOW you have - 

1) Divine timing (the perfect alignment between you and the current energetics)
2) Major support and resources from Sage
3) Original source understanding
4) Step-by-step sacred guidance
5) A month of focus and application
6) Do you need more than that? Okay. 
7) 8 channelled messages from Sage which clearly spell out what needs to happen
8) Almost 2 hours of messages in meditation form for added depth
9) A 17 page Changes Workbook
10) And me. In your inbox twice a week. Walking through the changes with you.

There's so much in a name.

The names of the 8 messages in this program are the process of YOU finally making the change you need to make.

We Are Here To Work With You
How To Leverage For Change
You Must Be The Change
The Energetics Of Evolution
Moving Beyond The Why
Words Are More Than Words
Falling In Love
Release And Leverage

Intriguing, isn't it? And stunningly powerful. I know. I worked with Sage to make a HUGE change I needed to make.

I had my buts, my excuses, my oh-so-reasonable rational, but I wasn't fooling myself. AND I needed help.

At THIS END of the changes, I can honestly say I feel free. Freer than I have ever felt. I'm in my sweet spot. And I want to help you get to yours.

'How Big Is Your BUT? - Making The Changes You Need To Make' begins Monday, June 5th.

Give yourself the sacred, precious 4 weeks, and the commitment will create the momentum that will change everything.