Ready To Get Up Close And Personal With Love?

Ready to get up close and personal with love? I guarantee it will change everything.

I'm serious when I say "up close and personal". I'm ready. Aren't you? Who wants love any other way? IS there any other way? IS that love??

There's something organic about summer that opens us up like the plants around us. We want to be kissed by the sun, and adored by the night sky. We want to feel we are seen and cherished.

When a flower goes into full bloom, displaying its splendour of colour and fragrance, it's modeling for us how we too can open up and expose ourself to love's touch.

But how? We've all felt the wounds, the hurts, the rejections when we're opened up to love. So we've chosen to limit it, restrict it, hide it. But there's another way.

In Sage's 5th book in the 6-BOOK JULY PROGRAM, they take us by the hand and walk us through the fields of love.....

For those keeping track, I've now spoken about:

  1. 'Integral Love: How To Connect With The Love In Everything' 
  2. 'Soul Alignment With Your Work, Relationship, Health, & Money'
  3. 'Christmas Gifts: How To Bring Your Soul To The Month Of December &
  4. 'Spiritual Evolution: How To Live As Your Energetic Self

As a human, you're all about love. As a soul, you're all about love. Sage tells us it's time to bridge the gap of understanding between how you see and do love as a human and how your soul knows you can love.

Love is what everyone wants. To feel it, receive it, experience it, give it, share it, revel in it, delight in it...Who wouldn't want more of that?

What if I told you that you could elevate your understanding and experience of love? That you could expand and explore what love is, what it isn't, and how it operates in your life?

You can give love the honoured position it deserves.

From attraction to personal love to soulmates to universal soul love, the promise to uplevel your awareness and experience of love is addressed and clarified sacred message by sacred message.

It's you on love. And that's potent.

The messages in this book will shatter love myths left, right, and centre, and allow you to activate your next level of loving. Every. Single. Day. Love made simple.

THE SUPER SOUL AGE SERIES FOR THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES Vol I is a 6-BOOK and one-on-one session program that begins July 3rd. Registration is open.

There's STILL 1 MORE focused theme within this PROGRAM. I'll tell you about it on FRIDAY - the day registration closes.