Want a Soulful Christmas? Here's how to create it.

It may be one month until Christmas but the Christmas SEASON has already begun.

Are you feeling it? Is your calendar getting booked up?

Are you thinking about what to buy for all the people on your list? Or maybe you're like the lady I bumped into today who said she was cancelling Christmas this year.

There's no doubt about it - Christmas adds much.

It can stretch the budget. Confuse the emotions. And add a few pounds.

It can also give us the tremendous opportunity to move OUT OF OUR PATTERNS because we're out of our daily routines.

The Christmas season gives us a choice.

We can either move into our unconscious Christmas season pattern repeats (those darn reactions!)


We can connect to our inner resources and be present and whole minded in our conversations and actions.

That's quite the choice.

I'm hosting a 30-minute free webinar next Tuesday to spell it out in detail.

I'll talk about:

  • How to stop the overwhelm before it begins
  • How to increase your energy & stamina
  • How to connect deeper & richer with everyone and everything
  • How to make the BEST choices for you

And of course I'll tell you about the MULTIPLE RESOURCES I'm offering you this December. They really excite me!

Join me on Tuesday, November 29th at 5 PM Pacific Time.

It's the first step in putting yourself ahead of the unconscious patterns.