Practice Makes You More

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I've been teaching and sharing sacred messages for decades, which is why I'm equally passionate about building the best platform to receive them on.

You can read the messages and your thinking brain will grasp the intent and focus. But you can also TAKE THEM IN DEEPER.

I'm talking about higher states of consciousness. Activating and reveling in them.

You might call it meditation. I sometimes do. For meditation is the act of accessing higher states of consciousness. And as I've shared here many times, there are plenty of doors that access these states, many ways to meditate, many goals and purposes.

I teach and share my methods for accessing higher states of consciousness so you can take in the sacred messages to the place inside you that remembers. 


Sage's messages don't teach you. THEY REMIND YOU. 

Sage's messages are from source energy. And YOU ARE FROM SOURCE ENERGY.

But in your human physical form, you have forgotten. That's all. You've simply forgotten.

I have made it my life's purpose to help you remember. 

I've been stretched to remember through the multidimensional soul-to-soul love story that is Jonni+Connor AND Jonni+Sage.

These are not just my gifts, my jewels, my inheritances. They are the gifts I MUST SHARE. I MUST GIFT BACK.


So when you take the time to deepen how you take in the sacred messages, (and how you love, quite frankly), you receive my gifts, Connor's gifts, Sage's gifts, the gifts of the universe.

You wake up your memory banks. You REMEMBER!

  • You remember that you are of source energy.
  • You remember, therefore, who you really are.
  • You remember what you're doing here.

YOU WAKE UP and things look completely different than they did before.

That's not just how it happened for me. That's how it happens. Period. 

You are on the planet 'at this time', in this life, to WAKE UP AND REMEMBER.

You do this by activating MORE. More than your everyday life with its earthly realities. 

Because once you activate this remembering, and allow yourself to be continually reminded, you become MORE.

Connor & Sage told me many years ago, that the acronym for MORE is the Momentum Of Realigned Energy.

Realigned. Integrating earthly realities with greater realities. MORE.

Thank you for allowing me to share.