Please Don't Blame Mercury Retrograde

Please don't blame Mercury's Retrograde. USE the gifts offered to you.

If you're extra sensitive - ENERGETICALLY - you may already be feeling the effects of the planet Mercury's retrograde movement. We're in the shadow of the influence right now. The smallest and innermost planet Mercury actually goes retrograde from April 9th to May 3rd (more or less).

Three or so times a year Mercury GIFTS us - yes, you read that right! - GIFTS us on the planet Earth, with the OPPORTUNITY to refocus and do things differently.

Typically, Mercury's influence affects us in our communication and transportation, and in the 21st century, communication and transportation RULE. SO, Mercury has a bigger and stronger effect on us NOW than ever before.

Think about it. The internet and all our devices represent communication and transportation. All our vehicles transport how and when and where we receive goods and often services, as well. We don't get very far without our vast need for accurate and dependable communication and transportation these days.

So how do we make friends with Mercury when its influence is so entwined in our lives?

We roll with it. We have to keep on living. We can't stop and blame, BUT we CAN understand and plan and allow.

That means using the BEST of our consciousness in its balance of masculine (plan) and feminine (allow), rather than getting extra emotional (underdeveloped feminine) and extra controlling (underdeveloped masculine) to take over during that time.

Need some examples? Here's some aspects to know, remember, and consider.

1) During a retrograde it may FEEL AS IF communication and transportation have slowed down or even stopped. It's the pause that allows you to rethink, reevaluate, replan, realign, etc. USE IT! Accept Mercury's gift. DO NOT try and push through it. That's TOO MUCH masculine. Too pushy.

2) If your computer or other device - even your vehicle, your mobility - becomes glitchy or even breaks down during a retrograde, it's telling you you need to upgrade. Not DURING the retrograde, but soon enough afterwards. The pause allows you to plan it, organize it, and work to make it happen soon.

3) If there are documents, contracts, or important emails you need to attend to during a retrograde, hang back. Mercury's influence means you won't see everything that's there. Facts may be omitted. Information may be confusing. The pause you take now allows you to reconsider, sit with it, feel it out, etc. USE the pause. Once Mercury goes direct again, THEN you're ready with full intention and drive.

4) If someone from your past pops back in during a retrograde, it doesn't MEAN anything more than they have popped back in. Maybe it's a former lover, a friend, a family member. It's not fate or the stars. It's not destiny or 'suppose to be'. It's Mercury's influence on ALL OF US that says 'Hey remember them?' They pop back into your life, and YOU pop into other people's minds and lives during a retrograde as well. It's all related to communication and (energetic) transportation. Those who pop into your mind and life will likely pop back out again if you allow them too, rather than read more into it, or force it.

Even if you have the best intentions this go-round when Mercury readjusts and asks you to as well, sometimes you get caught in the emotional undertow before you know it.

If that happens to you, let's talk. We can have a private one-on-one phone session for as short as 20 minutes (which can often make all the difference) or a series of 60 minute soul understanding, strategy building conversations to leverage your position and direction.

Just know you're not alone, and you can USE Mercury's influence to pause, reevaluate, replan - and redo once Mercury goes direct again. THEN you'll say, "Thank you, Mercury." I promise.

Speaking of astrological influence and spiritual guidance, as promised, it's time to have another podcast conversation between myself and astrologer Marielle Croft. Are you up for it? 

Together we will discuss the most significant affects and opportunities of this spring and summer. Watch this space. Coming soon.