October's Energy

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We're now past the summer/fall boundary, the fall equinox. October begins on Monday. We're getting deeper into the autumn energetics. And deeper means more opportunities.

Here's a message from Sage on this time of year and the energetic opportunity it holds. The message is BIG and LONG. But SO worth it!

“As Sage, we ask you to imagine the inner workings of a watch. Visualize the many moving parts, the wheels with cogs.

Now imagine that the watch has every time zone in the world, and can take you backward and forward, upward and downward.

The morphing of reality that is happening now, is the morphing of reality as it is viewed.

The human brain can hold, and contain more than one reality at once, in the mind, in the emotions, and in the actions.

In earthly reality, if one is anchored to the reality of the dense body or the physical body, it is the one reality from which everything is lived.

Through this reality, humans might say to themselves, "This is my body and this is what my body does”, or “This is what my body cannot do”,  or “This is the physical condition I have” or “This is the excuse that I have for not being able to live the reality that I want for myself”. 

You can feel the energetics of the denseness of one-reality living. It is as if you are living inside a tube where movement is restricted.

Because you are only seeing, and living one-reality, there is only so much space around you for you to go. Your choices are limited, your options are limited. You feel trapped. You feel you have no choice. You feel you are a victim of the denseness of the Earth in the form of your marriage, your work, the government, terrorism, global finance, and so forth.

You can feel the energetics of the dense body is where many people on the planet are still existing. 

Now shift your awareness to holding two realities, two pieces inside that watch with cogs moving at the same time in different directions. Notice the denseness of the body going clockwise, and the reality and awareness of the light body going counterclockwise. 

At the same time, the two are moving simultaneously.

As a human, you can be aware of the denseness of earthly reality, and the freedom and expansion of light body reality at the same time. And when we say light body, we are referring to soul. 

This is not just an awareness. It is living the reality of two realities. 

Yes, you are a being on this planet Earth, a gravitational planet which holds things to the planet, solid, and seemingly fixed. And at the same time, you are elevating to light body awareness through the heart, up through the throat, in the third eye, and the crown. 

The denseness is from the solar plexus, to the sexual chakra, to the root chakra, down. When a human being is living the dense body reality, everything, including the crown, is grounded to the planet. There is no expansion of energy from the heart up to light body reality. 

There are different levels that every human is living. Those who are living the two-cog realities have more choice and liberation and space and option because they know their light body is co-creating with universal source.

Therefore, the choices and the opportunities that they can bring to the dense body are endless.

Many people on the planet right now are going back and forth like a pendulum, from dense body reality to light body reality, but they are not able to integrate the two which is what is being called upon for every human being on the planet at this time.

Imagine the pendulum in the dense body, earthly reality, limited reality, limited choice, swinging over to light body reality, unlimited choice, freedom, expansion, and then bringing both those pendulum sides together to the middle, integrating with acceptance of the dense body, and the intelligence of the light body.

There is movement, swaying, back and forth, back and forth. There is joy, because they recognize that the dance of the human existence, the purpose of being on the planet, the school of Earth, is for every human to live multiple realities at once. 

As you go through the levels of being very efficient and effective at light body/dense body awareness, and you’re doing that 1-2-3, 1-2-3 dance we have spoken of, there is a rhythm that overtakes your daily existence. Even with the challenges, you see the rhythm and the concurrent reality, and what it brings to your attention. Perhaps it is a past life, or a future life, or a simultaneous life. 

The next level is holding multiple awarenesses light body/dense body, other lifetimes, information from greater realities coming in, simultaneous to information from your soul self, simultaneous to information that you re gathering through your human body.

Humans are evolving to multi-sensory operating systems between and beyond, sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell. 

The energetic light body field around the physical body is its own sensory system. As many of the people on the planet bring the pendulum into the middle, the field becomes hyper alert, with faster assimilation of information of situations and people.

It is as if the computability of the brain has been increased to a supersonic level. Information through this multi-sensory field of the energy that is around each body, consists of soul and universal soul. This field now becomes the sensory modality that is dominant.

Imagine putting your hands out to touch something, as far out as you can reach. That is where your energy field can extend. As you become more multi-sensory, your energy field can encompass an entire stadium, the entire planet, the universe. 

Imagine your fields, as multi-sensory beings, with thousands and thousands of fingertips. Those fingertips are picking up data from the field without even having to be in person with anyone

This data is informing, and coming in, through the human brain. The brain then becomes the operating system where you decide what the choices are, where you decide whether to make a loving choice or a dense body choice, where you notice the energetic contrast that is saying, “Is this where I want to make choices from", or "Do I want to make the choices from the light body multi-sensory finger tipped field that exudes beyond my frame?”

Humans are evolving to the mythical, or perhaps not so mythical, superhuman versions of themselves. 

This superhuman is a multi-sensory being who is living multiple realities all at once. The information gathered is from the love field. All choices are because humans are engaging with dense body/light body multi-universe, energetically, simultaneously. 

If your field and your fingertips are constantly infused with love, you are living in that multi-sensory, multiple-choice reality where everything makes sense, everything has meaning, everything becomes an ‘of course’. 

Humans label things as either bad or good, but when you are multi-sensory and connected, you say,

  • “Of course this is what has to happen now.”

  • “Of course this is why this person had to do this to me now.”

  • “Of course this is why I had to end this relationship with this person now.”

  • “Of course this is what this person needed to do in order for me to make the decision that it was time to shift”.

In the dense body, it is always about victim. It is always about what is being done to you when you are in dense-body reality. 

In light body reality, it is always everything happens for divine reason and purpose. 

The planet Earth is requiring integration at this time, integrating the two, so that as you are living in your dense-body, your dense-body becomes lighter and lighter and lighter to the point that you have no more stickiness in your field where density can adhere to. We wish to repeat that.

You have no more stickiness in your field where density can adhere to

As you practice with the tools that allow you to stay integrated with light body, you feel that things do not stick anymore. They enter the field. You observe it. You see it. You might feel it. It might feel painful because you are a human body, after all. And yet, you can see it for what it is through the light body lens. 

If you are multi-sensory, you can see the past-life connection, you can see the future potential reality as a result of the situation transpiring, you can see the promises made prior to incarnate, you can see the ‘rightness’ of everything.

In dense body, you would see that you are just the victim of another situation that has happened on the planet Earth.

As Sage, we have spoken previously of the master teachers who are here, helping to transform the planet. There is also those on the planet at this time who understand this light body/dense body integration concept. The master teachers are mastering this so they can go forth and help ignite even more, and the planet can move to even greater consciousness and integration. 

The tipping point is very near, even as you look at your news, or you look at the fear around dense body with illnesses and acts of terror and the things people do to themselves in dense body state. When these incidents happen, they are elevating awareness for more people to become integrated with light body and dense body in every corner of the planet.

Everyone who is incarnated on the planet Earth at this time is here for this specific purpose which is to honour their role in elevating the planet to its next level of evolution. 

Even if someone stays in dense body their entire lifetime, they are given opportunities and visions and glimpses of light body integration. 

As the universe’s energy speeds up, you can all feel the energetic speed of how you do your dense body life on the planet Earth, going faster and faster and faster. The molecules are vibrating faster than ever before, thus increasing the speed for light body/dense body integrations to occur.

As Sage, we observe the number of master teachers who are finally understanding that these concepts are not enough. The masters themselves must be living the integration, and modelling it for others, rather than simply teaching it. They must model it. 

When others can see it modelled, it becomes easier to shift the dense body to the light body reality. 

The gift that master teachers are bringing to the planet at this time is to further give skill to the next level. And for the next level to further integrate, and then to model light body integration, and light body action, to those who are anchored in dense body.

Of course, by nature, evolution means that everything shifts and morphs into the next version of what it is meant to be. 

Everything recycles. Everything returns. Everything reorganizes to a new evolved version of what it was. This is why the human reality is such that there will always be birth, and death, and the cycle of evolution, to continue to build to light body/dense body integration for every generation that comes through.

We see this for those of you with children, for children are generally not willing to stick with dense body identification alone. More and more children coming through now have the awareness of light body, and are not forgetting it at the age of five as previous generations have done in the past. Their memory is being retained. Their memory is being heard by the parents, heard by the grandparents, heard by people on the planet. The energy has been elevated to such that it is safer to acknowledge the light body reality as a child, and introduce that into a family.

So, again, imagine the inner workings of a watch - multiple round cog pieces moving simultaneously. In the current energetics, there are multiple moving pieces. The level to which you are able to access light body information, to use your multi-sensory fingertips within your energy field, is the level to which you will navigate the massive speed and change that is happening. 

This is a time for increased commitment, increased choice, increased personal empowerment, increased responsibility, increased integration.

That is all.”