October Changes Everything

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"October gave a party. The leaves by hundreds came. The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples and leaves of every name...."

When I was a young girl I read this poem in a thick musty book I found in an old oak bookshelf. I truly believed the author, George Cooper, was speaking directly to me. He made October come alive with vibrancy, energy, and life.

"The sunshine spread a carpet and everything was grand. Miss Weather led the dancing. Professor Wind the band...."

The words danced on the page for my feminine senses. I knew seasons were alive. And the poem told me the wind, the weather, the leaves were, too! It confirmed what I felt when my teachers and parents could not.

When I bring through the energy of Sage, it takes me to the same place of poetic resonance. Whether it's about leaves and wind or love and energy, it's truth from an expanded and integrated perspective. And it feels natural for me.

In 'At This Time' Sage talks about October. In 5000 words they describe October as a time of change. Here's a little snippet from that chapter:

"At this time you have firmly planted yourself in your season of fall. It is the time of letting go of the leaves, letting go of the relaxation and warmth of summer. It is the time of moving into the cool, crisp, clear fall season.

Every season has its gifts. The season of fall can be one of fresh starts, reinvigoration, reframing.

You have no doubt gone through a compression of time. So much has happened in a very short space of time. Compressed time, time warp, matrix-like energy. It may seem as though time were milky, thick, as you slowly moved through it.

At other times, it moved faster, speedier. 

The biggest opportunity for you at this time is to adapt to the nuances of time, to become part of the matrix, to tune into the universal energy and seasons, to know when it is time to plant and when it is a time to reap.

Fall is a season of reaping, of collecting the bushels of intention and energy, and storing what you have learned. It is a time of tucking them aside to reflect on as you enter the winter season, for what you gather in the fall will nourish you in future seasons. 

Think of the seasons as they relate to your life right now. Think of the fall season in your relationships. Whatever intentions you have planted back in the spring in your relationships, you will see the fruit of that seed now. 

So if in the spring you were planting the seeds of love and connection and growth and learning, in this fall at this time, you could reap deeper understanding, deeper connection, deeper relation to spirit and the universe.

It is through relationship you know each other. You know yourself.

It is through relationship you connect to spirit at the highest level, because it is through the reflection of the other, that you can truly see yourself. 

For example, if your partner or intimate friend or family member is in physical pain, they may be reflecting an unfelt pain you may be experiencing. 

If are are calm, centred, and focused as a partner or friend or member, you are reflecting to them that they have the capacity to be calm, centred, and focused. To the level you are committed to helping your partner or other grow, is what you reap from the seeds that were sown in the spring.

If you look at seasons in your work, what seeds did you sow in the spring? If you planted seeds of intention to grow, to better the planet, to serve, then you would have had developments or bloomings of your work over the summer season. Now, in the fall season, you can reap the benefits of your spring plantings. 

Your season of fall is a time to be very clear, to re-evaluate the seeds that were sown..."