No Need to Race Against Time

It feels like EVERYTHING is pointing fingers at time these days.

Either there's not enough time, you're struggling up against it, you can't beat it, you're feeling older, you don't know what to do with your time.... And of course Mercury's Retrograde influence right now time is challenging us even more.

Time is one of our MOST dominant realties and of course one that must be understood at a core level in order to work WITH it, to play WITH it, to partner WITH it.

~ It's not just about better time management.

~ It's not just about more hours needed in the day.

~ It's certainly not just about more holidays!

If you're reading this note from me you KNOW I'm talking about going deep into the SOUL OF TIME and then bringing that deep understanding into our practical 'real' life. 

That's why the sacred guidance of Sage worked with me to bring through a phenomenal 8 week full-on self-guided program that guarantees to show you How to Create a Powerful Relationship WITH Time - not against time. WITH time. 

This sacred program contains 16 powerful messages of the truth about time both in meditation form (for the depth the subconscious mind needs) AND in full transcript with notes (for the visual the conscious brain needs).

Twice a week these time-changing messages are delivered into your inbox so you can integrate them into your week at a pace that works for you.

I've got much more to share with you about this program which begins January 2nd - but ALL IN GOOD TIME. ;)

In the meantime, take your time this week. Go slow and be extra present. The influences support that.