Next Week Is 2018! Here's What You Need

Dec 26 '17 PM.jpg

Happy Boxing Day.

Are you breathing differently today than the last few days? I am. Although I need another day to make the next shift. 

I love this time of year and I also love it when it's over. At this point, I can't wait to clean it up and move onto the future. Know what I mean?

The future is calling. Change is happening SO FAST. More change has happened in our generation than in the combination of the previous 3 generations!

Things are quickening and so are we. Our adaptability potential is at an all-time high too.

We want to RIDE THIS WAVE not get sucked into the undertow of uncertainty and hesitation. Fear and old default positions.

That's why I am BLOWN AWAY by the NEW way of creating 2018 that is not only in complete alignment with the current energetics but in who WE ARE, INDIVIDUALLY. 

Taking the point of New Age and Information Age forward into the evolving Soul Age, Sage has given us NINE messages of outstanding direction and focus for how to live 2018 as a PROGRESSIVE MOVEMENT - not just as a goal-planning or intention-setting act.

This movement sets your year in motion. It puts it on an organic map and spins the wheel forward.

  • It works with THE NEXT LEVEL of your energy centres.
  • It works with the seasons as they change.
  • It works with YOUR evolution as a human and soul.  
  • It works with YOUR integration of developing feminine with developing masculine energies

I'm completely in love with this new way of creating a consciously focused year. You can't 'fail' or fall off your goals. You can only be reminded and refocused.

'Setting Your Year In Motion' begins MONDAY! Registration ends this weekend. Sign up now and you'll breathe easier sooner, knowing you're already aligning with your Future Self. ;)