I've Got Your Back in the New Year

December 15 '18 PM - facebook.jpg

As you snuggle in with both winter and the holiday season, New Year’s may seem far away. But it’s not.

There’s no better time to allow your mind to wander forward into the new year, then now. And as it wanders to how next year can be ‘different’, how next year you can ‘turn it all around’, let me plant some seeds.

I have it on good authority that next year WILL be vastly different than 2018 was. The dominant influences are shifted or have already shifted. You may already be feeling this release.

That means you can DIG IN this winter with more depth and commitment. After all, the season of winter is all about depth.

So, for the first time ever, I’m bringing through a focused theme for an entire season. A MasterCourse of 12 weeks! From January 7th to March 21st, I’m inviting you to commit to the depth of winter. In that commitment, we can change the world. And we’re going to start with elevating YOU.

I’ll give you more details very soon.