Finding Yourself in the New Renaissance on the Earth

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When I look around I see that there is a new renaissance on the Earth defined by those with distinct values of personal growth, a well-developed social conscience, and a behavioural understanding of the connection of all of life.  

In my work, I’ve noticed that these people desire an expanded view of the world, and want to see all the parts so they can trace the interconnections.

They know the world is too complex to be only linear, logical, and analytical.

The greater reality, spiritually, and soulful experiences & understanding appeals to them because they seek out both direct personal experience as well as intellectual ways of knowing the world.


I note that these people may be Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, or agnostics, but they get passionately engaged with social movements, new forms of psychology, whole systems of ecology, consciousness expansion in spirituality, and holistic healing and health.

The bottom line is that these people want to have a deeper, more passionate & meaningful connection with everything and everyone in their life. They want to consciously be in the oneness and part of the flow. 


I encounter these people because they insist on looking at more than just their brains, emotions, and behaviours - although they start with that.

They want to define and understand their own belief systems, their energy systems, and what’s in their subconscious and superconscious states of awareness. I love that they attempt to leave no stone unturned in their path.

I’ve noticed that these people are often creative, innovative, leading-edge thinkers, inventors, educators, environmentalists, writers, musicians, artists, philanthropists, business owners, therapists, and other alternative & complementary healthcare providers.


These people continue to seek fresh solutions for themselves and the world.

  • They decide what is real and important.

  • They take life personally and work to build a relationship with it – organically and without force.

  • They often seek out new, integrated forms of knowledge & experiences so they can learn to express themselves and their world with intimate wisdom, spiritual awareness, and personal authenticity.


I’m privileged to work with these people as they develop their abilities to communicate and influence, to initiate and commit, through integrity and high emotional and spiritual intelligence.

These people come from the heart while using their head in understanding how to balance their emotions. They care, and they want their life to reflect it.

When they look at their personal and intimate relationships, for example, I see them intent on breaking down outworn relationship models and instigating new, original ones that truly work.  

They want to understand what drives them, what attracts them, and what brings out the best in them – in both work and play.  


With the use of soulful inspired readings, universal truth, and meditation, I witness these people begin to create a delicious space for intimate play with others, granting others growth and expansion by bringing humour and joy into their relationships.

They learn that what’s missing from their life is not technique but rather, being present, in the moment.

They start to realize that this presence comes through their body and their heart, not from an isolated thinking mind.

They learn to play, explore, and bring back the innocence of life.


Passion seems to be their middle name, no matter what their age, for they seem to define passion as a depth of connection and an exchange of energy. Period.

If they are not passionate about their choices in life, for example, they learn to recognize it and move on.  

If they are passionate, it is because they are passionate about life and all its components.

These people desire a connection, a fully conscious knowing, of all that they really are so that they can build a life of passion and depth, of joy and gratitude on a moment-by-moment basis.


I could go on and on about ‘these people’ - I think I probably have - because I love these people, for their beautiful vulnerability, their open and utterly honest expression, and their courage in seeking more.  

These are my people.

  • Are they yours?

  • Are you one of them?

  • Are you on the path I described?


Everything I do in my work supports people like this. From personal one-on-one sessions, to self-study courses, to a collaborative membership of the best and most current teachings I can offer.

Watch this space for more detailed understandings of people like this - like you? - who are currently activated on the Earth, wanting more depth and meaning and understanding. It's time to join with others who share some of the same desires and expressions.