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Do you know the who, what, where, when, and why of SAGE? 

I'd love to share with you because I get asked questions about Sage and channelling. All. The. Time. 

When my son Connor was just a bitty child he told me that Sage was coming. He was foretelling the future. I didn't understand what he was talking about (of course) but by the time he was 5, the messages from Sage came through in a very formal and distinct channelling vibration.

It took 11 more years before I was willing to go public with sacred messaging from ascended masters. The messages were not mine alone. They were to be shared with those who worked with me, who felt aligned with the messages.

As a transpersonal psychotherapist with a full and thriving practice, I was ready to share in whatever capacity I could. 


Sage is an acronym for Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment. Originally (22 years ago) they shared that their name was The Sage Council. Over the years it has become Sage.

Sage comes through my voice and my written word. They come through in my meditations and in my dreams as well. I have now known them as long as I knew my son, Connor, who was on the Earth for 22 years.

When Connor exited the planet in 2012 he was received by his heavenly family, Sage. That meant that everything changed for me in heaven and on earth. A merger was formed. It changed how I lived, how I loved, and how and what I brought through from Sage and Connor 2.0 (as I call him now).

In the years since the merger, the messages have deepened, becoming both more practical and more ethereal and far-reaching. The sacred messages are bringing both together.


At this time, Sage's purpose is in heralding in the Soul Age - the age of integration. The New Age opened up much freedom and expansion for many of us. Now the Soul Age takes that awareness and reconciles it with earthly realities.

We are not here on the earth to meditate on a mountaintop or to close our eyes and manifest.

We are here to live the life we came here to live, to understand how to live an earthly life by cutting through the stories and repetitive patterns and falseness. We are here to bring earthly realities and greater realities together. More merging.

The Soul Age is all about merging. We cannot live an earthly life alone, disregarding the soul and energy and spirit of the unseen. AND we cannot live a New Age life alone, disregarding the practical nature of our physical reality.

I am deeply committed to my mission to bring through the wisdom and love from Sage. They speak on every topic, every agenda, every subject. But it's more than that.

As I take in Sage's sacred messages of truth it changes how I see the world, how I see myself, how I see the past and the future. I watch how it does the same for those who accept Sage's messages. 

Our world is changing fast and furious. We struggle to keep up, to keep afloat, to understand and live. I know I'm struggling much less, floating much more, understanding and living deeper than ever because of the sacred messages from Sage. I invite you to as well.

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