Mother's Day Energy: It's The Stuff Of Life

Whether you are a mom, or you have a mom (had?) the energy of mother's day affects everyone.

You don't have to subscribe to it. You don't have to do anything about. I'm talking about the ENERGY.  

It was in 1908 that Anna Jarvis founded Mother's Day as the day to recognize mothers, motherhood, and maternal bonds in general. Now, 109 years later, times may have changed, but acknowledging this recognition on the Earth, year after year, has created an ENERGETIC IMPRINT we are all influenced by.

The opportunity now is to take the influence of this energetic imprint, and USE IT.

Just like the influence of planetary activities (moon and planet cycles, planet retrogrades, eclipses, etc.) THIS IS THE STUFF you can create from. This is the stuff of life.

It's RIPE and RICH with the CURRENT ENERGETICS that have saturated it with the emotions and thoughts and actions of millions of people over a century of time.

What can you do with it?

I am reminded of a message Sage brought through for the members in The Changemaker's Membership. (Members receive both a group message and an individual one from Sage every month.)

Here is an excerpt of the sacred guidance - 

"In the nurturing energetics at this time, which is our way of suggesting riding on the Mother's Day energy, you can be, not simply nurturing of others, but nurturing of self. This is beyond the self-care we speak of now and again.

The nurturing of self is the opportunity to be present on multiple levels, so it is not letting go, but standing strong.

Nurturing yourself is bringing in the masculine as well, for without the masculine, nurturing self is an over giving, overindulgence, an out of balance experience.

When we suggest the word nurturing, we mean it in a whole way. When most on the planet suggest the word nurturing, it represents an out of balance feminine-only way.

We tell you the Divine Feminine nurturing is bringing in the masculine so it is standing strong and true which is the phrasing for integrity. What your day brings, what your body, appointments, work, to-do list will provide for you, is as you provide for it.

The understanding you began to conceptualize and make practical in the New Age was the phrasing that you create your reality. To a grand extent you do. But not completely.

Your consciousness is the greatest creator you have for it is the bridge between the human-only, or the demographic-only, or the ego-only, or the personality-only, AND the connectivity to the spirit and soul.

So your creation of how your day will be is not a contrived imagining only, or a deliberate contrivance of hoping. Rather, it is a trust when you stand present in the pain in your belly or the lack of funds in your bank account or the desire for the next piece of the puzzle in your creation or in the struggles you may be having with colleagues, family, and so forth.

When you stand in this trust, and maintain your strength of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, you will find you will not waiver. You are representative of the integrity you bring to it. You bring this to your body, your emotions, your day on and in every level.

It is a bridged blend of what you want to have happen, what you want to change, what you desire the outcome to be, the awareness of what is currently occurring, and the trust you have that it is part of the whole.

As you are aware, it is only part of the whole. You must see that it is part of the whole, and not believe it is the whole in that moment.

The current energetics are comprised of the influences, the impacts, the history, the memory of history saturating the planet, seasonal calendar-oriented, future desires and designs, changes within natural and contrived groups.

There are so many influences that fight to grab your attention.

The marketing you have on your planet today has been the same throughout history in that there have always been those who will attempt to capture your attention, and have you believe this, buy that, do this, go there, and so forth.

With this understanding, when we speak of a contrived date such as Mother’s Day, we recognize the contrivance, however as a design for calendars to bring to significance a moment of honouring, or a moment of celebrating the role of mother, we wish to utilize the energy that is prevalent, and uplevel it for you at this time.

The mothering energy is of course aspects of the Divine Feminine coming in stronger and stronger. You are feeling and accessing. It cannot be done in one quick overthrow from a dominant masculine way of feeling, thinking, being, for you have a dominance of either masculine or feminine based on the accumulation of experiences you have had, and the soul seeds you have planted for this particular demographic and this particular life.

Where there was an understanding of, “I am dominantly masculine” or, “I am dominantly feminine”, we would like to uplevel this understanding to share with you that you may have come in to this life with a dominance of masculine or feminine, however your directive, your desire, was to create the balance.

The only way the balance can be created is by understanding what this dominance is, what it is lacking, what it is limiting. Understanding what the opposite side of this coin is.

The opposite of feminine would appear to be masculine, and vice versa.

With this understanding then there is a consciousness that must be applied to the application. Every single thought, action, belief, movement forward has the opportunity then to be a beautiful blend of masculine and feminine.

For years we have spoken of the understanding of masculine and feminine because on the planet Earth which is the design of feminine/masculine, exists as the polarities that were needed for creation.

Everything upon your planet has the masculine dominance or the feminine dominance to the degree that it needs to create.

As the Divine Feminine is evolving into this Soul Age, you will see, and you are seeing, and you are sensing, and you are feeling, and you are waking up to, the only way forward is with the feminine energy as well as the masculine.

If you felt your demographic was strongly or dominantly feminine, it is with the uplevelling, the maturing of feminine energy with the embracing of masculine.

So on this occasion of the Mother’s Day organization, it is the opportunity not to speak of simply the role of mother - and we say simply as a word of choice to distinguish it from a complex understanding.

The role of mother is simple to understand. The role of mothering, femininity, feminine essence, Divine Feminine, and so forth, is complex.

This does not make it complicated. Complex will reveal it has many, many layers. Intricacies woven together. It is not singular, so we cannot speak of it and on it as a singular.

It must be spoken of inclusive of the Divine Masculine energy. It is not a simple subject. It is one we are heralding in more and more as the evolution continues that you are a part of.

For now we plant the seed at this Mother's Day celebration to consider beyond the role of mother, not to reject the role of mother, for you have a mother, and perhaps you are a mother in physical form, but of course to consider what has been considered for decades, that mothering is not exclusive to those who have given birth.

Mothering is a concept of nurturing, of sensing, of all feminine attributes, of being extraordinarily aware of. It is embracing all, rather than pin-pointedly focused on this or that.

This is the Soul Age wholeness coming through in the description. Where previously we defined feminine as this only, or masculine as that only, now we are bringing them together.

The Divine Feminine, the mothering energy, if you could consider it at this time a nurturing, that you are nurturing yourself along in this evolution, you are nurturing others with your utmost patience for their stumbling or fumbling or tumbling in how they are moving forward or attempting to move forward and perhaps moving back and so forth.

You have the opportunity to take the phenomenal energy of Mother's Day, and apply it as the divine nurturing you are capable, in physical form, of expressing.

That is all.”