Mothering 2.0

May 12 '18.jpg

When Mother's Day rolls around at this time of year it's often met with a range of emotions - by everyone. 

You think about YOUR mother. You think about BEING a mother. You think about the past and the present. 

  • Maybe you adored your mother and you feel so blessed she's still in your life. Maybe you adored your mother and you miss her terribly.
  • Maybe your mother and you did not form the mother-child bond of your dreams. Or even of your most basic expectations.
  • Maybe your mother was the thorn in your side, the pain in your physical body, the trigger that doesn't quit.

No matter what your relationship with your mother was, you will likely transfer (consciously or unconsciously) the same patterns you learned from and through her, to your child or animal companion or best friend or spouse or...

Unless you want to change it. Shift it. Uplevel it.

I'm not talking about changing the past. I'm talking about changing the future.

How you were mothered will ALWAYS affect you. It will influence how you apply your feminine energy and physical love/care to others.

Not just your children. Everyone. And most especially, YOURSELF!

It's not about forgiving your mother. It's not about accepting her. It's not about idolizing her, either. 

This is about you - going forward.

Consider mothering 2.0 to be the next level of mothering. The conscious integrating feminine/masculine level of care, respect, regard, love, embrace...that you apply to yourself first, and others as well.

Maybe you were mothered this way. Maybe you weren't. But as a conscious awake being, your actions can change everything now. Now YOU mother you. That means listening to yourself, nourishing yourself, nurturing yourself. 

It doesn't mean overgiving, indulging, criticizing, judging... 

That was then. This is now. Be the change of the energy of mothering on the planet.

The feminine is rising. Stand up and take your place. And if you need help in doing this, that's why I'm here. 

Oh, and happy mother's day to you.