Messages FROM - Not TO - Your Future Self

It's easy to write a letter to your Future Self. But that's not what Sunday's in-person workshop is about.

'Messages FROM Your Future Self' goes much deeper into all aspects of you in time and space.

You are creating your future. Is it by chance? By accident? By happenstance? Or are you overly controlling and contriving of it?

Maybe you just want to let it all happen as it happens. If that's the case, you're giving away the power you have as a conscious, soul-based being. The power to create is your gift. Not accepting the gift you were given by your soul, is squandering it.

The New Age worked in the polarities of creation. The principles taught many to accept what they could accept in their life. The principles also inspired many to 'manifest' what they wanted in their life. To will it by their human powers. 

Now we're moving into the Soul Age - the age of integration. Instead of letting whatever happen, happen, OR attempting to manifest the external toward you, the power you can tap into, is in AUTHENTIC CREATION. 

Authentic creation means owning and claiming your whole self in all its warts and glory.

Creating with the understandings of the principles of all-time, the principles of the multidimensional self, the principles of the human/soul dynamic.

In Sunday's IN-PERSON workshop, we'll work with these principles and tap into the POWER OF CREATION. 

Your Future Self is invited to the workshop.

Your Future Self knows you more intimately than you know yourself because they SEE where you've been, where you are now, where you're going. AND they want to share everything they see with you so you can create your future.

Registration for this workshop ENDS TODAY.

I'm only offering this workshop in person ONCE.

Don't miss your chance to create your future WITH your future self!