May's Myths

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I'll be bringing through a LIVE message in meditation form this evening as it's the first of the month. The message will be all about the energetics of May. If you haven't signed up for this FREE offering, you can do so here.

This month, I'm also giving you a bit of the messages from Sage around the energetics of this new month. As always, it's aligned with this month's focused theme, so if you haven't signed up for that offering yet, the deadline is Saturday. You can find out more information here.


May's Myths

"Does it feel as though you are losing your mind? Losing your memory? Yesterday was so long ago you cannot recall specifics?

We welcome that you are losing your mind, for the mind of details is the translation your brain assumes means being present.

With the fullness of the energetics at this time, there is a pushing for you to be present. You can be mindful and present on a physical level, noticing the facts and evidence and particulars and details. But it is an exercise in remaining in physical only.

The next level is being present and mindful with an expanded lens, without the chatter of your brain, but recognizing that you are actually able to take in multiple realities at the same time. You can see and sense and hear and be aware of what is going on behind what you see, behind what others are saying.

There is a story the physical reality revolves around. Myths, legends, works of fiction, past wounds, previous glories: everyone has a story. And everyone wants their story to be heard, witnessed, recognized. They want a badge, a label, to be seen for their story, heard for their plight, acknowledged for their sorrow.

At this time you can see more than ever with the energetics of the fullness. You can see the stories, dear sweet personality stories that are part of their own three-dimensional reality only.

What you can see and sense and be aware of now is what is story and what is behind the story. What is the source, the reason why someone is attached to the story, the myth, the wound?

You are becoming aware of cultures attached to their story, countries, families, individuals, their identities as they only know them. They are revealed now. And there is more.

Transparency is becoming apparent. Your powerful moon and planets and stars reflect what is going on underneath it all. You have the beautiful opportunity to see where you are in this relationship with your soul and with your story.

You know you are much more than your story. You are not a victim, a survivor, dramatic, comedic. The roles that make up your story are the parts of you that you no longer need to identify with alone.

We tell you that to thrive, you must recognize and embrace that you are all of it and not attached to any of it.

That is all."