Love 2.0: There's More to Love than Meets the 'I'

It’s the heart month, the “I love you” day, which means it’s a fantastic opportunity to be reminded of the higher heart and the greater love.

So as you gaze at the flowers you may have received today - or bought or picked yourself - and nibble on the absolutely-divine (pun intended) chocolate you have beside you, have a read and a feel for what Sage has to say on the subject.

It’s my Valentine’s gift to you. With love.

“When we speak of love, the word is often confused with physical manifestations that generate an emotion in the physical realm. That love is equated with:

  • A physical desire to be near another physical being
  • Physical demonstrations
  • Staying rather than leaving
  • Attached conditions as part of the physical reality

At this time we wish to speak of love as a higher vibrational capacity concept.

We call love a ‘concept’ because on the planet Earth, the container for seven billion plus individuals in physical form, the love that we speak of is the energetics of love. It is felt in pure energy form in the universal energy of non physicalness, of pure energy that is only love.

From love came the creation of the universe itself.

God, or universe, or any identity that has been given to a being that is the ever-being, the over-being of all creation, is not known by any of those names.

If we were to give you a name for the creator, it would be Love.

Love is the source energy, the source of connection, intertwined connection, merging, and knowing the differences as well as the similarities, joyfully morphing and being in an energy pool.

We have spoken before in previous channels that the universe, as it’s designed right now, is a experiment, if you will, of the love that created all.

It has spread itself out in various identities and forms through planets and civilizations and different light beings throughout the universe.

It has spread itself out so it could come together on its own volition.

This is love. This is the attraction to find similarity, to find oneness within the seemingly disparate ideas or ideals.

Let's bring that to the earthly reality.

The earthly reality is learning to shift love’s definition into the form of energetic understanding. The evolution of how physical beings exist on the planet has changed dramatically over the countless millennia that the earth itself has existed.

We have seen love evolve from an idea of passion and physical expression, of mating for life, of a single partner, when in fact love itself is far more wild, diverse, expanded, and nonlinear, than how it is displayed and demonstrated on the planet Earth.

The human container is designed as such that physical love is necessary for the propagation of the species. So feeling emotions that are linked to the neurophysiology of the body are required in order to come together to create another human being.

But the physical brain has confused physical interaction or proximity, as the signal of love, when in fact it's only one manifestation of love.

Physical proximity does not require love to occur as earthly beings know. However it is the confusion of the human physical mind as a container that says, “Because I physically long to be in proximity with this other being, I must be in love.”

Being in physical proximity, and then demanding that someone behave a certain way or be a certain way or are obligated to perform a certain way or are required to do certain behaviours in order to prove that they are loving, is not love.

The emotions of love have also been at lower levels, the physical earthly dense levels of love. They are now evolving to a soul integration level of love.

The human emotion level of love is an attributed human physical of anchored, of latching onto, of ownership - which again, is not love.

The human brain says, “If I love this something, this someone, and it makes me feel the way I feel, then I must hold on to this. I must keep it. I must contain it”.

This is why there is so much pain in the physical existence that does not need to be there.

For example, think of holding onto a physical being because the earthly being does not want that person to die. The clinging to that physical iteration of that human is saying, “I need your physical proximity in order to prove that we are able to love each other”.  

But love is an energetic soul-to-soul exchange that does not require physical proximity or physical rules or physical behaviours, as our channel has spoken on many times with the passing of her son Connor and the continuation and expansion of love after physical life.

Love is a true manifestation of what humans speak about, but have less knowledge of, which is unconditional love.

Unconditional love is the love that we experience in the energetic realms. Love, who is the creator as we have said, does not judge or have any conditions to any behaviours displayed by any entity in the entire universe.

We know that this is difficult for the human brain to comprehend, for the contrast on the planet is right and wrong, black and white, young and old. The polarities that the human brain creates, all stem from the original belief when Earth was created, and that humans are separate from the energetic realms of love.

The opportunity now on the planet Earth is to help the human brain which is uploading and reconfiguring to a new operating system in order to be able to understand and channel energetic love. To see that energetic love behaviours are very unique and different from physical love behaviours.

So for example, let us speak to the institution that has been created on the planet Earth called marriage. We are close to smiling here in the energetic realm when we look upon the physical entities known as humans, because we so benevolently love all of the progress and processes that you create in order to better understand yourselves, and others, and the universe as a whole.

The human brain up until now has created polarities, contrasts, right and left, yes and no, male and female. You might say, “Well the human brain did not create those. That is reality”.

The physical planet Earth was created as a laboratory of contrast, if you will, in order for every human being on the planet to come together for integration of the opposites. To become genderless: male-female integrated. To become sexless: male-female both sex beings, but not separate from each other.

The merging of the opposites is what love is.

What this means is your definition of love is elevating you to practice loving in an even higher, unconditional way, than you have ever been able to process or create before.

An example would be if you are in disagreement with someone. The earthly brain would have you believe the disagreement makes you separate from the other person. Your brain creates a polarity: “I am right; they are wrong”. This polarity is the push/pull against the connection that love would bring in a disagreement.

So in previous energy, a disagreement would prove to you that you are separate from that other person. It would prove to you that you must continue the illusion of separation.

The next level that we are asking you to rise to, the standard we are setting for you to rise to, is to elevate to your expanded version of self. Elevate and see the disagreement as merely an opportunity for two opposites to come to a level of understanding that is led by love.

We realize that the human brain will want to resist what we are saying, because the human brain wants to continue to make the story out of the disagreement, the story about the opposites, the story about how “they did me wrong”, the story about how “they should have known better”.

In the energetic realm of pure love, none of this matters.

As benevolent beings who watch the ongoings of planet Earth, we watch the divisions that are created by the belief that there is separation between you, when in fact, from our vantage point, you are seven billion lights just waiting to merge into oneness.

When the planet Earth has all of its beings merge into oneness, that is when the planet will be no more. As you know, with the current state of the planet Earth, there is a ways to go. We smile at that because we benevolently love you for the journey, and for the steps you are making towards the oneness of love. It begins with each of you individually connecting to this message.

Here are the questions you must ask yourself in your daily activities:

  • “What would be the most loving thing I could do in this moment?”
  • “What would be the most loving thought I could have in this moment?”
  • “What would love do in this moment?”

We know your physical brain is going to want to minimize the depth of this message. Your physical brain is going to want to say, “Yeah, yeah, here we go. A message about love, again”. That thought in itself is a separation thought.

A oneness thought would be, “I can never get enough love.”

We could never spend enough time talking about true energetic love. We can never ever have enough time with other soul beings who are soaking up the energy of love that is generated by universal spirit.

Love knows the truth of love. There is no story.

Your opportunity in this particular messages is to truly wake up and make love a goal each day.

The first day, spend 5% of your time during the day, in pure energetic love attention. As the days go on, increase your love attention and intention to spend a quarter of the day, half of the day, a full day. in pure energetic love attention.

What does that look like in action?

It means you will wake with the joy of being alive in your body, not just in the physicalness of your body, or your day. Your soul wakes up in rejoice, regardless of how the container feels, regardless of how the container looks, regardless of what the container may be experiencing, may be expected to do. It is joyful, soulful, awakening in your bed, in the morning.

From there, as you go through your day, as you make your meals, you sense the body-less-ness of your soul being. You marvel at the energetics of love that created this container that can perform the tasks of making a meal that nurtures the physical container.

As you interact with other beings you do not look at their physical being and make a judgment. You see their physical AND you look beyond. You see them all. You see the aura, the energetic field. You infuse their field with the most love energetic that you can generate and access. You feel it in your field. You merge your field with the field of others, be it animal or human. You feel the energetics and the joy of that merging in oneness without a story, without a physical polarity thought.

As you do your work, as you do your day, you feel and connect to the seven billion souls who will benefit from the energy of you that is on the planet now. You envision the people that you interact with in your work. Through energy morphing and true love fields, you send the vibration of love you feel, the universal love in your energetic field. You imbue it in everything you encounter in your work, on your laptop, in your emails, on your phone calls, on your social media, in all of your interactions.

  • You are in drunken love with the energetics of soul love.
  • You are intoxicated by the diversity of beings you encounter every single day.
  • You are intoxicated by the choices that love has brought you on the planet - the choices of food, experiences, people, expression, the choices of how you can be YOU in more expansive love ways than ever thought possible before.

You live as if you were - and you are - love: pure, unconditional, non-judgmental love.

As you go through your days experiencing the being of love, we ask you to keep a journal or notes of each of your day’s experiences.

How did your day go as a love being?

When you go to sleep at night, thank your physical being for being the container of you being able to be unconditional love. When you go to sleep at night, ask your guides and your energetic being to dance and bathe in love while you sleep. Keep track of your experiences. Journal them. Share them with others in your collectives.

We know that you will begin to see how you are flowing through life as love, how you are manifesting the perfect experiences. There is no judgment of polarity of any experience as bad or good or wrong or right. It is experiencing as a god, as a love being, the incredible exhilaration of being in the physical reality of the planet at this time.

Imagine you are brand-new into your physical container, and you are marvelling at what love did - that love created this container.

We promise you that if you adhere to living and making the commitment to living love in this way, your life during the time you practice will be what we call alchemy. It will be what we call magical integration. For you are living in the human container as your soul being integrated existence, and it feels nothing but magical. This is how you were meant to live. This is how you were born to live as a human.

What we wish for all human beings to experience and learn is to integrate the soul reality of the true identity, with the physical container that is human.

As you practice living as a love soul energy, you will begin to feel more and more of the integration. It becomes innate to you. You begin to just bring love consistently to everything you do.

This does not mean you eliminate any experiences you would call unpleasant on the planet, because when you live as your love being, every experience is perfection. Pure, blissful, perfection.

You are present with each of the circumstances, with noticing your emotions around the circumstances, with noticing the difference between human emotion of love with its conditions, and the soul’s energetic expression of love which is unconditional, blissful existence.”