Life After Life After Life After Life

With Easter fast approaching the energetics are all about REBIRTH. It's the spring BOOST that KNOWS nothing (and no one) dies, but is rather reborn in another form with new blooms and personalities.

You know this. I know this. Intimately.

With rebirth comes a reforming of the energy. Another way to EMBODY all that it is. If it is a tree that was dormant in the winter, now the NEW buds promote new growth and new shoots of things to come. They are not the exact same buds or flowers or leaves or fruit, but they do come from the same tree, the same accumulation of all that is. 

The same of course is true for animals and humans, for insects and creatures of every kind. After their seemingly dormant period (You can call it death but I don't. Maybe hibernation? I like that better.) they awaken and begin again.

Sage talks about this transition and process in much more detail in my new book 'At This Time'. And of course they talk about it at length (as do I!) in my newest version of 'Conduit'.

To me, both books are about this stage of moving from one form to another, growing, expanding, becoming over and over again.

As I said, it's the THEME and imprint on the planet at Easter. It's the remembering of the rebirth, that things NEVER die but rather reform, reorganize, renew.

If you want to feel these energetics in the words of myself and Sage, I'm recommend downloading 'Conduit: A Love Story, Before, During, & After Life, 2nd edition', a digital book in multiple formats, to read NOW to truly embrace the current energetics and the expansive openings available at this time.

I also recommend 'At This Time: Sacred Guidance For The Changes You Must Make Now' , my newest digital book in multiple formats as well.

Purchase them separately or together. Just know that they belong together. They are from the same tree, the same voice, the same story.

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Happy reading!