Let's Talk About Love Every Week In February!

Jan 27 '18 PM.jpg

Not only is February's focus on love, it's aligned with the energetic UPLEVELLING of love.

That's where '20/20 LOVE: It's Time To Activate The Next Level of Loving' comes in.

This new Jonni+Sage 'focused theme' is brimming with the next evolutionary turn of love. 

Love isn't static. It's dynamic. It's BEING CREATED as we live and learn and evolve.

'20/20 LOVE' messages say it all. They are perfectly titled:

  • 21st Century Love
  • The Future Of Love Has Arrived
  • The Channels Of Love
  • The Formings Of Love
  • A Brave Soul Age Process
  • The Template You Are Working With
  • A Self-Reliant Love Being/Beam
  • It is Between You

4 weeks · 8 sacred messages · 4 group phone calls to discuss the messages, your understandings, questions, examples, and how-to LIVE 20/20 LOVE.

You don't want to miss the fullness of the new standard for loving today.

It's 2018. 2020 is but a moment away...