Let The Summer Of LOVE Begin, And Let It Begin With THIS

If you're ready to embrace the original source understandings for your life, to TRULY understand it from the inside out, from the beginning of all that you are, then you're ready for THE SUPER SOUL AGE SERIES FOR THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES - this summer's greatest read!

This 3 volume series carries THE sacred messages to elevate your awareness as a human being and integrate the insights into your everyday life.

I know summer's not officially here until next week BUT I'm already SO FULL OF LOVE at the offerings this summer of abundance holds for you.

The first volume of this life-changing read contains 6 books, or "focused themes" as Sage calls them. Each one builds on the next so you feel your head and heart expanding page by page.

'Integral Love: How To Connect With The Love In Everything' is the first focused theme. In its 9 jeweled messages, Sage says:

"As you take in these messages, deep within you the truth will bubble up. You will remember...

  • How to live life in a masterful way rather than a place of mediocrity or settling
  • What it means to embody soul in the present moment
  • How to consistently bring soul into your daily interactions
  • How to infuse your own body and mindset with love in order to have the most joyful life experiences possible
  • What it means to love yourself at the deepest level possible
  • What daily actions your relationships and your quality of work look like when you are loving yourself at the deepest level
  • The illusion you may think is love and what is truly embodied as love when interacting with others
  • The gifts of every relationship you have had
  • Examples and archetypes of those who embody a life on purpose
  • Love on the earthly plane, the inter-dimensional plane, the spiritual plane, the universal plane
  • What the relationship of money is in your life and how it connects to purpose
  • Why money is a block for many people on the path to enlightenment
  • How to create, receive, and circulate money, as opposed to seeking, searching, and being afraid of money
  • Integration of earthly and spiritual reality, of masculine and feminine energies, of previously lived lives and current life realities, of love from previous and future lives
  • What loving molecules look like in your life
  • How to look beneath the layers of physical objectivity and see the love molecules within everything in physical form

There is so much we have to share with you at this time. We begin with touching on the essence of all, which is love."

I know I was ready for THE SUPER SOUL AGE SERIES FOR THRIVING IN UNCERTAIN TIMES. And I'll reread them again and again, activating new layers of growth, understanding, and living.

Now it's your turn. I'll share more of the 6 "focused themes" within the first volume on Saturday.