Let Me Tell You About A New SEASONAL Offering I'm Introducing In December

Nov 18 '17.jpg

Winter has gifts that are deeply buried. 

Actually, EVERY season has gifts. Winter's gifts are buried. Spring's gifts are budding. Summer's gifts are ripe. Autumn's gifts are fading.

Each season the gifts are there for those who want to access and integrate them. The gifts are there for those who believe and value the SUPERCONSCIOUS STATES OF AWARENESS AND EXPANSION.

These are the spiritual and soulful states, accessibility, and gifts which are offered to the human condition. YOUR human condition. And each season, each month, each year, the gifts get even more specific for YOU on YOUR JOURNEY IN LIFE.

Let me put it this way. If you came to me and said, "I want to empower myself by aligning with the gifts of universal soul", I would create a one-on-one program for you where we would journey together in multidimensional realms to the past, the parallel present, and the future.

In these journeys, you and I would align with the current energetic and seasonal gifts from universal soul which were offered at this time. It would change your life as you know it.

Sounds intriguing, doesn't it. It is! And powerful. And potent.

That's why I want to offer this opportunity VIRTUALLY to a small group of soul-seekers who are willing to journey from the privacy of their own homes to interdimensional realms of tremendous gain. 

Here's the deal:

On the first Saturday of December, I want to journey with you to the alignment and gifts from the realm of the past. In our hour together we will discuss it thoroughly and share in the necessary integration.

On the first Saturday of January, I want to continue our winter's soul quest by journeying with you to the alignment and gifts from the realm of the parallel present. Again, we'll have an hour for full realizations.

And finally, on the first Saturday of February, I want to journey together to winter's gifts of the future. This will set you up for the necessary alignment with the current & forthcoming energetics. A thorough discussion, answering all questions, sharing and caring is included in this hour.

So in this offering, you will receive 3 hours of interdimensional journeying and discussion, spaced one per month over 3 months for further integration.

All three hours of this virtual winter event will be recorded for your own privacy and recall.

If you have specific questions, please email me and I'll do my best to provide answers and recommendations.

If you're as excited about this opportunity as I am, sign up now as I want to keep the group very small for more individual attention.

Happy new moon. Here's to a fresh perspective and fresh direction.