Let Me Put It This Way

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I wanted to tell you more about the HUGE SPRING PROGRAM today. There are SO MANY words in it though, that I'm left without words.

It's not 'where do I start?'. It's more 'how can I tell you all about it when there's so much?'

There really is so much...

So I decided to give you the words from the first message in this 16 message/3 1/2 hour message meditation program. It's more of an introduction than I could write. And it shares much of the grand scope of this ambitious program. 


In Sage's words - 

"It is your spring. It is your new year in the most organic understanding. It is more than another spring. It is a new evolution of your planet.

When you were born, you were formed. When your planet was formed, it was born.

There is global and individual reforming occurring at this time. You are reforming personally and as a planet.

  • What if you could see what to do?
  • What if you were presented with choices?
  • What is important to you?

As Sage, we have been listening, listening, and we have much we wish to share with you.

Reforming: creating new form for the new creations of thought, emotion is occurring at this time and going forward.

REFORMING IS about how you FUEL YOUR BODY. The choices you make and where that leads you. What foods, in what condition? Meat? Vegetarian? We hear you asking, “What is best for me?”

REFORMING LOOKS at THE PRODUCTS you use for your health and your home. Just as we spoke to consuming meat of animals, we will speak on the testing of products on animals.

We will also tell you about the MOST DAMAGING CHOICES you can make at this time on your planet.

We will, in these weeks, talk of your GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS - organisms which your scientists have created. We will tell you about the effects your HORMONES are having on these choices.


YOUR BODY IS REFORMING and this is centred on parts of the body you may take for granted. We wish to identify this area, to explain it and its expansion, and what you can do to further enhance and use it.

Reforming, reforming means your structure of creation, your DNA, is reforming.

  • How?
  • Into what?
  • What can you do about it?

We wish to tell you that you have more power than you think or use.


IN REFORMING TIMES you are reshaping your universe. And your universe is reshaping you. In the eight weeks, we have devoted sixteen messages to speak with you on these topics and more.


We will speak to you on your GLOBAL WARMING, on your CLIMATE CHANGE, your pollutions, your disposables.

We will share with you THE FUTURE you are creating. The possibilities in the near and far futures. The CARS and other forms of transportations. The WARS, the PEACE, the TECHNOLOGY, the MASSIVE SHIFTS IN CONSCIOUSNESS.

We will share, we will show you, how your EMOTIONS are reforming, how your GROUPS, your COLLECTIVES are reforming. How your CURRENCY is also going through its reforming. Many of you are seeing it even now.


When you see beyond today and tomorrow and next year, you will breathe easier. You will connect to the certainty of the wheel of life. You will be a creator of your life and of the future, rather than a reactor: One who worries, repeats, feels regret, unfulfilled, in fear, unhappy, as you would say.


So we move you, in eight weeks, through the choices you may consciously make to evolve your best version of self forward.

We take you on the road to what every human wants: VIBRANT HEALTH. We share with you THE ROADBLOCKS to vibrant health.

We reveal to you what you are USING and MISUSING and how. We discuss with you your choices and the consciousness of them. Many of you look forward to the PROACTIVE and PREVENTATIVE messages.


We CLARIFY and ACTIVATE for you in our discussions. We delve into EVOLUTION and DNA as it applies to you.

Language, communication, the universe, your planet, global effort, personal responsibility - the list is seemingly endless. However, we realize we have much to share with you in the eight weeks and so we wish to begin, to remind you to connect to this time of reforming.

You are forming new thoughts, new choices, new actions, and a new version of self in a new world. You are watching changes occur around you more than any other generation prior to you.

With full consciousness and much love, we walk you through the conscious choices you can make at this time of reforming.

That is all.”

Love, Jonni+Sage