Last Day To Sign Up: It Really Is Time

Your health doesn't wait for you. Today's the FINAL day to register for this HEALTH AND WELLNESS program. It's the first program of its kind Sage has spoken about our health, our illnesses, our diseases, and what we CAN DO ABOUT THEM.

In their words: "We tell you it is time to create your Soul Age body, and so you are dealing with the dense body through the spiritual New Age understandings and more at this time.'

We so often want to focus on our looks, on our weight, on the latest trend of eating and moving the body, yet Sage says we MUST BEGIN HERE FIRST.

We MUST begin with the densest most repetitive behaviours and thoughts we have AS PREPARATION FOR CREATING OUR SOUL AGE BODY.

It's in the WHOLE UNDERSTANDING and CONSISTENCY OF APPLICATION that we can co-create the health and vitality we will need for the journey ahead. 

The world is in an unstable position. You see it all around you. The 6 o'clock news is on 24/7 now because of it.

The times are rapidly changing and our bodies MUST align in order to forge ahead and carry on with the mission we came here to take on, the soul's purpose we agreed to.

It really is that black and white.

Without your vital health your focus is on SELF-ONLY. You move into fears, vulnerabilities, self-absorption, victim-hood, repeating your patterns from previous lives again and again.

THIS is the life you said you would GET OUT OF THAT LOOP!

THIS is the life you said "I NEED to change that cycle. I NEED to elevate for myself and for my past and future lineage". 

May's program, 'It's Time to Elevate Your Health Through Soul Awareness' takes you from the densest physical reality to the power to create vitality. Who wouldn't want to commit to that?!

Registration is open until midnight tonight.

And remember, to support the awareness of YOUR HEALTH HISTORY AND LINEAGE ASPECTS, astrologer Marielle Croft is joining me in this program, offering a BONUS EXTRA for those who sign up for the PREMIUM version.

She will go through each registrants astrological chart and give them a 45-60 minute reading (via MP3 download) of the specifics of what they have brought into this life, and what they are likely dealing with in regards to their health and wellness.