Last Day To Register For 'At This Time'

Today is the LAST DAY to register for 'At This Time'.

It begins with one link the moment you sign up. Your can download it from my computer to yours so you can do it in your own time and in your pace.

The supporting calls begin on Wednesday, April 5th. By registering and receiving the program today, it gives you a bit of time to organize your thoughts for the book club discussion calls we'll have all month long.

For the last few weeks now I've been answering questions sent to me by email about this program. And as often happens, the questions are all similar. So if the 3 most repeated ones are YOUR questions too, I'll answer them for you here.

1) Do I have to read the whole book or listen to all the messages BEFORE the first call?

Absolutely not! (Unless you're a binger, then fly at her!) Otherwise, flip through the book, read over the the front bits such as the preface and introduction. Get a sense of it, and that's more than enough for our first call. Bring any questions or sharings you have to the call. Over the next month you'll likely read (and listen to) more and more, so the book club discussion calls will serve your needs as you progress.

2) Are the 4 book club discussion calls recorded in case I can't make one or more?

Yes! Every call is recorded and I will send you a link to the recording of them within the hour after they each conclude. You can listen to the recordings or download them to your computer for listening to later.

3) Do the two books come in paperback instead?

The work I do bringing through energetic transmissions from Sage, and offering support in private sessions is all non-physical. Providing the books and programs in multiple digital formats keeps the symmetry of the energy.

Having said that, I am looking into producing both books in paperback form for those who prefer it, but I have no confirmation or dates to give you. In the meantime I encourage you to move into the digital formats. To move into expansive, less-physical methods that are the signs of the times we live in.