June's Jam

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I'll be bringing through a LIVE message in meditation form Friday evening as it's the first of the month. The message will be all about the energetics of June. If you haven't signed up for this FREE offering, do it here.

I'm also giving you a peek at June's energetic FOCUS according to Sage. It's an excerpt from 'At This Time', Sage's perpetual calendar of how to uplevel living on the earth plane while in intimate relationship with your soul.

And as a reminder, June's focused theme - 'The Animal Kingdom' begins on June 4th. If you haven't signed up for that offering yet, the deadline is Saturday.


June's Dance

..."What is happening with the energetic resonance that is being beamed to the planet at this time is the frequencies are becoming finer and finer and higher and higher, which means the dissonance and disruption of the fields are going to speed up. They are going to get even faster to show you that time is of the essence for you to step into the authentic nature of self.

The disruptions show up to show you how you can leverage your spiritual and energetic intelligence which are leveraged beyond what you currently deem as intellectual intelligence or even emotional intelligence.

We are now talking about an intelligence that is being merged and morphed on the planet at this time with the higher frequencies so you can see the disruption and the dissonance quicker, you can catch yourself quicker, and you can shift your energetics to resolution and solution and higher-level energy of soul self.

It becomes a magical process like a dance.

Imagine a dance of 3 steps of 1-2-3, 1-2-3, dissonance, awareness, and merge with expansive self.

Dissonance, awareness, and merge with expansive self.

Dissonance, awareness, and merge with expansive self.

This is a beautiful dance.

As you master the dance you are going faster and faster and faster with it.

Your observer self also engages in the dance.

The disruptions and the dissonance do not disappear, because they are part of the human experience.

How blessed are you to have chosen this experience at this time.

When you first learn the dance, it is choppy. You step on your toes. You step on the toes of others. The dissonance part of the dance might be longer. 

As you evolve and learn to master the steps, you move more seamlessly and gracefully into the awareness step, and then into the merging spiritual step.

When you choose the spiritual merging step to be the dominant leading step, the dissonance becomes part of what is projected onto the screen which is your reality on the planet Earth..."


You can read more of this dance, more of the energetics of June in 'At This Time: Sacred Guidance For The Changes You Must Make Now'.