July & Beyond

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Season changes don't just happen because the calendar says so. They are changes influenced by the Earth, the planets, and the sun, in their orbit.

Each seasonal change offers us a particular viewpoint, emotional point, energetic point, and Sage often speaks to that viewpoint and feeling.


"As Sage, we wish to share with you that we have been priming those who feel our connection through our channel. In our messaging themes each month, in our refined and personalized messagings for our channel’s membership group, in the daily messages we gives them, we have been priming. Our messages are to support your alignment with the energetics to show you that everything aligns in its potentiality, in its opportunity. 

When it does not feel in alignment, we ask you to step back and see what is occurring, see the patterns that are repeating, see the over or under creation of your masculine or feminine drive.

When your earthly season changes, we often bring through messaging. Your seasons are changing as the tectonic plates, the underground underwater shiftings, change. These shiftings cause your Earth to shutter. Sometimes to spew. Many of you have been speaking of these earthly changes and movements. We are reminding you that as your Earth changes, it is because you are changing.

The current energetics at this time are a unique opportunity, a ‘fork in the road’ if you will, between shifty energy and shifting energy. You may see those or even yourself who are shifty, who are keeping out of eye level, eye view, who are behind closed doors, who are attempting to be unnoticed and unseen, AND those who are shifting, who are exposing, who are becoming more transparent, who are vulnerably strong, who are speaking of all that they are and moving forward with the understanding and experience of aligning more and more and more.

And so your earth’s shifting is occurring. It shifts at these times you may call seasonal changes more and more. The pattern is not as clear from previous centuries and decades of your seasons, but rather they are shifting in temperatures and weather and earthly challenges and opportunities and so forth.

This would indicate, of course, that the times of change are occurring. We have spoken of evolution rather than revolution. We have spoken of you, evolving. That you are on your earth during the evolutionary times.

We tell you to look back over 10 years, 15 years, to see that you are evolving.  As you are evolving, you are as the seasonal changes which are now occurring. So there is disruption. There is contrast. There is polarity. There is all manner of uncomfortableness, messiness, and so forth.

We remind you not be afraid. It is the time to embrace the change. ‘Do not be afraid for nothing will happen’, does not indicate, ‘That you will be safe and God will protect you and so forth’, but rather, ‘Do not be afraid of the changes for this is why you incarnated on the Earth at this time in your demographic’.

You are the accumulation of all, and so you represent the all. You do not represent only one side which would be fear, or only one side which would be pure integrity and progressive. You represent the range that you are, the range that humanity is. You represent the beauty and the chaos. You represent it all. You are all. At this time of change you must live the change. You must be the one changing. There is a new path you have not yet walked on, lived on. The opportunity for this is now.

That is all.”