January's Messages Are Everywhere

Jan 2 '18 PM.jpg

The new year feels FRESH! Ripe with new possibilities and choices. LOTS OF CHOICES!

It's only Tuesday, but so much has happened already that I'm eager to look at the energetics of January and connect with Sage's messages. Aren't you?

Sage's messages came through last night in the Virtual Monthly Message Circle.

Their messages for January's focused theme began yesterday in 'Setting Your Year In Motion'. 

Now, here's what they have to say from 'At This Time' - the book you can download right now. It's a perpetual calendar for 2018 and beyond.

"We ask you to view change as transformation as you move forward. If you stay focused on divine feminine activities of meditation, connection, and working for the good of the all, any change you experience will indeed be transforming.

Do not fear what your body may manifest, for the manifestations are only messages of how you can transform.

Do not fear the global changes, for this is your opportunity to listen to your true essence as is guided by the divine feminine.

Do not fear physical movement on the planet such as earthquakes and tsunamis and so forth as they too are guided by the divine feminine.

This year and beyond holds many opportunities for choosing the spiritual and soulful path. At this time, your planet holds more than seven billion people.

We are looking for you to be part of the tipping point of spiritual realization that will affect not only Earth, but the universe as a whole. In this way, you will impact every corner of the world.

There are many responsibilities that come from being part of this change.

The first responsibility is to your own well-being. The second responsibility is to your spiritual realization of your essence.

The third responsibility is to connect with others on the planet from a place of love and peace.

And the fourth responsibility is to be brave enough to follow the symbolisms of the universe to the path you promised to lead while here on the planet.

Quite simply, if you follow these responsibilities, the influence of their actions will impact planetary growth beyond anything seen in previous years.

When we speak of well-being, we are asking you to ensure you are getting the support to move through blocked energy, to move through any habits keeping or preventing you from being your strongest and healthiest self.

It is your responsibility to be well. The evolutionary change we speak of will require stamina, focus, and commitment to move forward...."