It's Time To Seriously Shrink The Size Of Your But

For weeks now I've been giving you the head's up that the time to REALLY take charge of the changes you know you want to make, the changes you MUST make, is NOW.

I can do all I can do, but I can't make your changes unless you want to make them too.

  • I can give you the sacred guidance support
  • I can give you the how-to leverage
  • I can give you the understanding of the energetics around your change
  • I can help you move beyond asking 'why' into something truly change making
  • I can work with you beyond your current vocabulary for greater power
  • I can point the way for you to fall in love
  • I can help you release and leverage for the future

But I can't make you a changemaker unless you step up.

Here are a few snippets from Sage on the subject:

"You might be fighting up against your DNA, struggling up against your upbringing, challenged by your other lifetimes, or this is how it appears to you. We can promise you that you declared, "I must change this"...

What you are asking to change will not be beyond your control for we are speaking to a highly intelligent being. You would not focus on that which is out of your control in your physical reality. You are therefore looking at habits and patterns...

This lifetime is one of your cushiest ever....You have incarnated in this cushy life so that you could start from where you are now, and make the internal changes, rather than the external changes in this life.

The evolution on your planet is such that you are moving beyond the 'why'...

As individuals make the changes they know they need to make to uplevel the circumstances and denseness of limitation and choice, the entire world changes...

A year from now you'll see how simple the path was...."

The 4-week self-guided program - 'How Big Is Your BUT? - Making The Changes You Need To Make' - begins Monday, June 5th. Registration ends today.

Let's harness the energy and direction to make the changes you need to make. June will be the turning point for you. Looking FORWARD -