It's Time To Elevate Your Health Through Soul Awareness

It's time to elevate your health through soul awareness, sooner, rather than later.  Soul awareness - the missing ingredient.

I look around and see illness and disease everywhere, don't you? They are in my family, in my social circles, in the worlds I peer at in social media.

Every time a popular celebrity announces a health situation or crisis or we find they have exited the planet due to one, we have the opportunity to look beyond the three-dimensional physical-only reality, and put on our expanded reality lens.

All those experiencing illnesses, diseases, and health concerns model something for us if we pay attention. But what they are modelling isn't always clear, because we may only be seeing a limited perspective.

What if we had a much larger, more connected SOUL PERSPECTIVE? It would lift the blinders of 3D physical reality-only off.

Then we would have understanding. Then we would have choice. 

Choice. Yes, choice.

We LIMIT our choice when we work with three-dimensional ONLY reality. We battle, we fight, we try 'everything', we struggle, we give up.

We're battling ourselves of course. Not the disease or condition. Ourselves. We give up on ourselves too. AND, there's another way.

Using soul awareness, you see it all. You see your thoughts, your behaviours, your actions. You see your history - both biological and 'past life' lineage. You see how it ALL contributes AND WHAT YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT NOW.

As Sage says in this new program, "When dealing with the physical-only 'curing', there will be the misunderstanding that this is a physical-only experience and expression that is occurring."  But it's so much MORE than that. AND it's time to deal with it now.

Sage: "We tell you it is time to create your Soul Age body, and so you are dealing with your dense body through the spiritual New Age understandings and MORE at this time."

May's program, 'It's Time to Elevate Your Health Through Soul Awareness' describes the whys and the hows.


To support the awareness of YOUR HEALTH HISTORY AND LINEAGE ASPECTS, my favourite astrologer Marielle Croft has graciously agreed to join with me in this program offering a BONUS EXTRA for those who sign up for the PREMIUM version.

Using her phenomenal skills and intuition as a karmic astrologer she will personally go through each registrants astrological chart and give them a 45-60 minute reading (via MP3 download) of the specifics of what they have brought into this life, and what they are likely dealing with in regards to their health and wellness.

Must have information for those seeking WHOLE AWARENESS.

In the meantime, for those who remember, I promised another podcast between Marielle and myself. In our latest chat we speak about some very significant astrological influences which are occurring 'at this time.'

Planetary knowledge is a powerful resource, but only if you use it. Have a listen to the 17 minute podcast, and anchor yourself in the awareness.