It's Not 'Us' & 'Them'

If you’re like me (and aren’t you??) you’re hearing people all around you segmenting themselves out.

‘Segmenting’ is Sage’s word of choice. Segmenting is the opposite of oneness.

It’s happening all over the planet, of course, but it’s coming to our attention more and more.

In order to move forward it cannot be us against them, them against us.

If we’re seeing ‘us’ and ‘them’ and reacting to the segmenting, and yet know deep inside that there’s a better way, Sage’s messages in ‘Who Am I?’ will help you find the truth in it all.

The timing of this program is impeccable.

'Who Am I?' is a 4-week, audio & transcript-based self-guided program that teaches you WHO YOU REALLY ARE, and how to CLAIM YOUR WHOLE IDENTITY in these segmenting times.

The division between people is done most often without thinking: the colour of skin, the country of origin, the country of citizenship, religious affiliation, education, sex, and on and on.

If these divisions segment us, they are moving in the opposite direction from oneness, from wholeness, from inclusion.

Whether you are brand new to spiritual and channelled information, or already educating yourself with newfound spiritual principles, 'Who Am I?' will expand your limited beliefs and patterns around your identity and sense of self.

From 'Pre-Birth Choices' to 'Your Beliefs As You Move Forward', from 'The Story of You' to 'Global Citizen', in this 8 message program you will elevate your knowing and claiming of ALL THAT YOU ARE, rather than a limited segmented version of you.

'Who Am I?' is designed to turn your understanding of SELF into a powerful force that joins you with every being on the planet for the necessary shift in these ever-changing times.

If you feel the deep pull to claim all that you are, rather than be limited, segmented out, judged, NOW is the time to know WHO YOU REALLY ARE, and learn how to live ALL THAT ARE on the planet in this life.

  • This program is for those who know they need to up their knowledge & understanding of who they really are on the earth, in the universe, and in their lives.
  • This program is for those who want to seriously apply all they are learning & realizing about their WHOLE identity into their daily lives.
  • This program is for those who are ready to claim their identity and commit deeper into the every day application of ALL THAT THEY ARE as human AND soul.

Do you see yourself here? I do.