It's all about the balance, baby!

July 24 '18.jpg

Summer may be second only to December as the most difficult time to create balance in your days. Or maybe it's a tie. Either way, balance is the subject, and struggle may be the name of the game.

Beyond the struggle of summer balance, most people talk about finding work/life balance. It's a subject that's relatively new. It's become a 'thing'. Who would have guessed a few generations ago we could even HAVE a balance between our work and our life. 

But the balance I'm really talking about in this post is even bigger than those two. It's the balance between what you know to be true in 'real life' - the physical realm - and what you know to be true spiritually - the greater reality realm. 


THE INFORMATION AGE that began more or less in the '50's, started to expose us to a lot of wake-up principles and truths. Information became a commodity, easily available and abundant. And with more and more information came more and more confusion.

THE NEW AGE that began more or less in the '70's, started to expose us to a lot of spiritual principles and truths. These metaphysical, ancient, ethereal beliefs and practices were typically not grounded in three-dimensional reality.

THE SOUL AGE is the age we are now entering into. It's exposing us to the need to integrate the principles and truths from both the Information and the New Age, rather than keep these realities and truths divided.


Sage tells us reminds us, that "the integration aspect is the largest element of the Soul Age." And integration is how we will find balance in our lives and in the world.

In the Soul Age, we are taking the physical and spiritual and entwining them together, allowing this integration to come to the wholeness of their origin.

That’s why we are getting visionary messages of universal truth & sacred guidance from Sage. They're giving us the foundational understandings of what happens after the Information & New Age. And I'm here to bring the messages through and help you apply them to YOUR life.