Is Your Power in Question Right Now?

August 4 '18 PM.jpg

Right now, everyone on the planet is feeling either powerFUL or powerLESS. Are you noticing this?

Some people don't understand their power or what they can do with it. While others very much understand it and utilize it to their greatest advantage.

Power is a potent energy. Power is using your capacity, your ability, your influence in a direction of choice.

  • You use your power when you make a decision.
  • You use your power to change something or to change yourself.
  • You can also give away your power by NOT making your own decision, by NOT making the changes you know to make.


We're seeing a lot of people right now OVER CONTROLLING, OVER POWERING their influence on others, doing everything they can to make others change, rather than BE THE CHANGE.


In order to realize more CONSCIOUS POWER, you'll want to understand as much as you can about YOURSELF and YOUR capacity, ability, and influence. 

If you start with self, you'll learn to consciously navigate your power in alignment with the spiritual and earthly principles of balance and integrity.