Is Ancient Egypt Calling You Now?

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Elaborate gateways in time open up in very similar ways depicted by authors and screenwriters and in movies. 

In other words, a unique combination of influences and factors come together in just the right sequence to allow a tremendous impact of multidimensional connectivity.

Let me explain.

The planet has historical resonance created from centuries of both action and emotional imprints which are layered and woven into the current time as we know it. Because this is created in physical form it still holds energy on the planet. In other words, same place, different 'time'.

The echoes, the ghosts, the vibrations, still linger. They are simply not on the same frequency as our current time.

Sage tells us that nothing is ever 'gone'. No one who has ever been on the planet is 'gone'.

Each of us still carries the resonance of those times and places in our very DNA, in our sophisticated emotional filing systems. And when a "unique combination of influences and factors come together' a portal opens...

On November 6th - 95 years ago - archaeologists discover the tomb of Tutankhamun in Egypt.

On November 22nd - 95 years ago - they opened it.

Why is this important now?

The discovery and excavation of the physical elements of those times brought the energetics clearer and louder to the surface of our current reality.

Rather than those times becoming almost mythical, 95 years ago they became 'real'. The discovery brought the symbolic reality of them to the here and now.

Every year at this time, the reality becomes even more prominent as people are reminded, movies are made, books and articles are written, museums tour, etc.

All of these factors and influences, therefore, make it much much easier to access the rich, complex era in a past life regression session, at this time.

If you have EVER felt the familiarity and the fascination with the Golden Age of Egypt, the universe is nodding at you NOW to access your particular memory and bring the gifts of it to the here and now.

You are the past. You are the present. You are the future. You are multidimensional. In order to step up into this reality, you must do everything you can to claim all that you are.

The portal is open between November 6th and 22nd.