In Good Time


Here it is nearly mid-January. Do you have enough time in your day or do you have more day than time?

We often feel we don’t have enough time in the day. And then we check the clock which confirms it. Or we feel we have plenty of time still. And then we check the time and are shocked.

What’s going on? How can we be so out of sync with time? So out of sync with the measurement of time?

The truth is, time and our out-dated measurements are out of sync.

Our clocks and calendars are three-dimensional measurements. They are physical tools we have created to measure something that’s of the fourth dimension.

Yes, time is the fourth dimension. So how can we measure something of the fourth dimension with three-dimensional tools?


In history, the Greeks understood that time was too complex to be contained in only one word, so they had two words for it: CHRONOS and KAIROS.

That already sounds better. Time IS complex.

CHRONOS is the kind of time that we are most familiar with. The time that is marked and named, “2 o’clock,” and “Sunday, January 13th”.

We can watch CHRONOS time coming and going. It’s the time we use in the material world with appointments, calendars, and schedules. These items all exist in CHRONOS time.

The Greeks also spoke of KAIROS time, which is more fascinating and malleable.

KAIROS can be roughly translated to, “the right moment.” The most important and beloved events and things in our world usually exist only in KAIROS time, only when the 'time is right'. When the stars align. When it all comes together. When all points connect. However, you want to see it and describe it.

KAIROS time cannot be planned or mapped, no matter how much we wish it could be. “When will I find the one?” “When will I find a better job?”  “When will thing change?”

I have always known the connection to Sage as timeless time. At least that’s what I called it. It’s channelling, meaning moving beyond the three-dimensional-only reality. This allows the shift to the fourth dimension and beyond. This also explains why we often lose track of time when we meditate. And why we can’t continue to think and meditate at the same time.

What I have come to realize is that I create more KAIROS time when I meditate and when I channel consistently. When I make time for it, I create more time. That means things seem to line up more, line up better, flow, come together - whatever you call it.

By having a consistent practice - daily connection of depth and dimensional travel - I am creating time. There IS enough time in the day because KAIROS time has created it.

And CHRONOS time lines up better this way as well. My schedule and calendar flows more seamlessly. It almost feels as though it takes less time to get things done. It’s a great feeling.

So, you too can create this more synchronized flow of both CHRONOS and KAIROS time. If you already have a multidimensional practice, slip into it daily. If you want to start one, try my free 20-day one found here:

Taping into connection beyond the three-dimensional reality will develop the integration of both kinds of time. And it’s all about the integration.