I'm Sitting at my Desk Right Now...

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I’m sitting at my desk right now beside a blazing wood fireplace, staring out the French doors at the hundreds of twinkling lights Blake wrapped around every tree and plant in our garden. It’s magical, and I’m reveling in the peace and quiet.

I’m shifting gears to spend a handful of days with my loved ones who are in physical form, and do those things I don’t typically ‘make time’ for.

I don’t remember the last time I consciously did this - plan on NOT working 18/7 (my typical schedule) - because my work is such a soul depth of creativity and sharing that I bask in doing it. All. The. Time.

But this season I’ve created the space, MADE the time, and shifted my focus so I’m in multiple mindsets at the same time. Simultaneous realities, Sage calls it. Not going back and forth, stopping one and then starting another.

Instead, I’m being present in multiple realities.

This creation of time and presencing generates a depth of intimacy that is so rich and palpable, it’s seductive. You’ll want to STAY in that connection to it all - and you can.

I’m typing this while in that depth of intimacy which means I’ll share what’s real and close to the bone with immense love. That’s the gift of simultaneous realities. One infuses the other.


2016 was the year I began taking over the full representation of Sage - Sacred Ascended Guides of Enlightenment - for all who resonate with their vibration and words.

At the end of 2015 when Cheryl and I consciously uncoupled, the torch was gifted to me to be the integrated messenger of their truth and sacred promise. Although Cheryl and I are still BFFs, it has been my year of creating the representation for the next leg of this journey.

As Sage shares with me, “Jonni, feel our energetic arms around you as you process the realization and integration of that which you have always known, that we have always been your access, your guides, your purpose.

Connor connected with us pre-birth as did you, and because he knew us and we are his soul family, he could speak of us to you as a very young being, planting the seeds that would awaken further in divine timing.

In energetics, guides provide the fusion for where the life path is going. Although you can do something with someone else, each path is separate. The promise you made to Cheryl pre-birth was that as her soul sister, you would help her recognize her ability to access us. The promise Cheryl made to you was to also show you that you could access us. This accessing came at the divine time when you were very vulnerable with the recent deaths of your sister and your father and the family dynamics you had. The divine timing agreement was that as Sage, we would present ourselves to you, knowing you needed a lifeline, you needed spiritual sustenance, in addition to the family that you called Connor.

Jonni, your essence is of that spiritual energy, that soul universal spirit energy. When it was asked for you to come to the planet Earth for this life, it was a big ask, because physical has not been something that's easy for you.

In previous lifetimes you’ve exited earlier than planned simply because the physical became something you did not want to continue to do. There was an agreement. You did your part. You exited.

In this lifetime, the soul agreement with Connor was that he would exit first in order to further shift and expand this promise to bring through sacred ascended guides of enlightenment for the evolution of the planet.

In doing this in your work, it has shown itself as the perfect portal, the perfect delivery system.

If we look at the integration of this past year, yes you're making an impact, but the bigger impact, the legacy, is really integrating this gift of channelled soul access message with others, trusting that it is of the integral nature that is so important to you in all the work you do with soul and universal spirit.

So this is the absolute juncture we have seen in observing your future timelines where the future for you is to bring through the messages from us for your people, as well as transcribe them for your people, and bring them through your portal, your brand, as an integrated version of who you are with the work you've been doing.

What we've done from our perspective is assist you in getting to a place of such strong foundation that you could lovingly see this mission, this purpose, as a natural evolution of your life.

From our vantage position we see you as the one who’s the brand and the communicator, who recognizes that the energy has morphed into a fusion. The commitment is that your people will get the very best of the fusion of Jonni with Sage.

We know the word channelling doesn't really do justice to all that your work is about in this Soul Age. You are modelling your fusion with us to hold your people accountable to the integrity, accountable to the sensations, accountable to the universal truth.

It will feel that where you are going with your work, Jonni, is of a deeper and higher level of accountability and responsibility. People who connect with this energy understand and accept this in their discerning. You are the perfect person for helping people to discern at higher and higher levels of integrity with universal spirit. This is part of your branding and part of your offering, as well.

So we are celebrating and dancing, and Connor is in the circle with us, dancing and clapping. The joy is around the integrity that you have to allow the energy to expand beyond the containers of original identity, to go beyond. You are modelling for others that things morph, change, and that it can all be done with love. Deep love.

Feel the emotion and the joy and the gratitude for the work you came here to do. Feel the gifting, the beautiful sharing. Feel the celebration and the joy of the next adventure, the next beautiful phase of where our energetics, merged with yours, is taking you and your people.

Our love for you has always comes through in waves and waves and waves and waves and waves like a never-ending orgasm. That is what we share with you.

We are always, always, always, looking upon you energetically with joy and love and the deepest amount of recognition of soul being.

We honour your decision to continue to be on the planet Earth in the denseness of that energy, to bring us through for the evolution of humanity at this time. That is all.”


Yes, 2016 has been an enormous year.

It was a rollercoaster for most of the world. Personally it made me laugh, cry, face my fears, tell the truth, and leap with the belief that the net would appear.

Thank you for being a part of this year. It would not have felt the same without you. I’m inspired everyday by people like you, who follow their senses to the truth of all that life is, and are constantly moving toward living that wholeness.
Over the next few days I’m going to take the time to reflect, breathe, and pat myself on the back. I suggest you do too.

Next week I have a New Year’s message to bring through for you from Sage. Another epic message for 2017 and beyond.

These are not easy times we are living in, however they are ripe for change times. I’m passionate about leading the change we are being called to make by the planet and the entire universe. You must be feeling it too. The shifts that are happening? The turbulence? The uncertainty? There’s an urgent need for each of us to own our part in the call to personal AND collective change.

When we answer that call, humanity elevates like never before.

For 2017, consider joining me in The Changemaker’s Membership. I deliver the very best of Jonni with Sage into every corner of this portal. It is how I answer my call to serve humanity. It can be yours as well.

I am honoured that my service is of value to you. I promise to not only continue to provide it, but to expand it in every direction I can.

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