I'm In Las Vegas Now - On A Spiritual Retreat

Nov 14 '17 PM.jpg

So many people assume a "spiritual retreat" is:

  1. Healthy
  2. In nature
  3. Contemplative
  4. Relaxing
  5. Rejuvenating
  6. Getting away from work
  7. ...

Ummm...That sounds more like a spa visit to me. 

A spa retreat (or day, or hour) is a pampering of the senses, a softening of the environmental stimulation, an unwinding. Hopefully, one comes away feeling relaxed with tighter skin. Hopefully.

So let's redefine 'spiritual retreat' and suspend the prejudgment.

Those who follow me on social media of some kind - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest - know I've jumped on a plane for a change of scenery for 5 days.

Those who KNOW me, know that means I'll still work a little every day (because I love it) AND I'll also add some other experiences to my days and nights as well.

I chose Las Vegas for multiple reasons. (You can read bits of those reasons in the imagery below.) Las Vegas has elements which are not part of my daily world. Sure I can connect with Connor 2.0 every day, but my typical daily surroundings are the countryside with an oasis of nature and gardens and scheduled appointments on my devices. I'll be the first to admit it's pretty sublime and I wouldn't have it any other way.

So when I know it's time to 'get away', to change it up, I won't likely choose MORE gardens and natural environments. I'll choose the opposite. I'll choose big cities, interesting people, diverse food, and off-the-chart options.

AND I'll keep the connection to my spiritual essence going at the same time. 

I'll laugh and frolic (oh I can frolic!) and allow my silly playful side to rise to dominance. I don't need stimulants other than good loving friends to bring this side out of me.

I will spend time being constantly distracted by shiny things, by losing track of time, by discovering surprises I would never have expected.

I'll feel the palpable energy of the people, especially those who live and work here, given the recent events of October 1st. And I'll carry that weight with me as I feel Connor 2.0 and Sage speak to me on grieving - a program offering we are preparing for next year.

The spiritual essence of Las Vegas will certainly fuel that creation. Because there is spiritual energy everywhere.