I Offer 2 Kinds Of Virtual Message Meditations Because 1 Size Does Not Fit All

Nov 25 '17 PM.jpg

Last Saturday I wrote to you about the Seasonal Interdimensional Journeys.

I explained that it's a 3-part offering of deep, multidimensional proportion. Three hours spread over three months to maximize your range of access and integration. Powerful up levelling journeys into past, parallel, and future lives. Message JOURNEYS in meditation form with quality time for discussion and understandings.

Every month I also offer another opportunity to experience channelled messages in meditation form.  

If you want shorter, one-off 1/2 hour experiences done from the privacy of your home, then the VIRTUAL MESSAGE MEDITATION CIRCLES is likely what you're looking for.

These VIRTUAL gatherings are offered once a month on the first Monday of each month.

You can sign up from the homepage of my website or the products page every month as long as you do so by noon on the evening of the call.

You can join once, once in a while, or every month.

These calls are NOT recorded. They are done LIVE. The energy is LIVE, based on the current energetics. It's as though you're turning into a monthly Sage message and I'm there to discuss it with you before and after.

A lot of people will choose to partake in these VIRTUAL MESSAGE MEDITATION CIRCLES. They know the value of the energetics that is present with them during the call.

Others will choose the SEASONAL INTERDIMENSIONAL JOURNEYS for the depth and richness of that offering. When you sign up it's for a set of three Saturday calls. These calls ARE recorded in case you want to go over it again or you miss one of the three journey dates. 

And there will be those who choose BOTH offerings because the energetics call them, draw them in, speak to their human and whisper to their soul.

If you need assistance in deciding which offering or if both would be best for you, email me and we can sort it out.