I Met Connor 2.0 Five Years Ago This Month

I met Connor 2.0 five years ago this month. I'd know his energy anywhere.

The LAST contact and communication I had with my 22-year-old son Connor was 5 years ago in the month of July.

And my FIRST contact and communication with my eternal soul guide Connor 2.0 was 5 years ago in the same month.

I've described my expansive relationship as a love story before, during, and after life. I felt I had no choice, no more significant purpose, than to write it down and share it.

'Conduit' tells the true story of the relationship between myself and Connor in the earthly roles of mother and son.

Through the consistent trusting of heightened intuition and deep honouring love, to the confirmation that only hindsight yields, we also lived (as everyone does) a much greater relationship - a sacred, soul relationship - that we recognized with each other before, during, and after life.

'Conduit' models the opportunity for anyone to live a soul-to-soul relationship, rather than remain restricted by a role-to-role only relationship.

For centuries, even though humans have been told what to believe, what to think, how to behave, and even who to marry, the individuation of power and choice has never really been silenced. It can't be.

Every human alive feels a connection of some kind to their inner voice of reason and their inner sense of truth, whether they trust the connection or not.

These inner voices have always been supported by select speakers, writers, transcribers, artists, philosophers - the movers and shakers throughout the ages. Their words didn't teach as much as remind others of their own inner sense of truth. Those who resonated with the sharings from others used their open-minded, open-hearted inspiration to awaken their own knowing senses.

Currently, there is much being written and talked about in the areas of soul, soul-based love, and the afterlife, and how it all applies to us in our mortal earthly existence. 'Conduit' adds to the literature and voice, not just with more intellectual concepts and abstracts, but with a true story illustrating what anyone can experience in heaven AND on earth.

'Conduit' was written for those who hope there is more to life, death, love, the afterlife, soul meaning and purpose than the three-dimensional reality recognizes and offers. Those who believe in this greater reality will wholeheartedly trust the validity of 'Conduit'.

Everyone who is ever born, dies. That's a given. Yet most people fear death, dying, and the perceived loss of their loved one, believing it's the very end. The more literature (books, articles, blog posts, etc) that's available to take them beyond simple passive acceptance to evoking understanding and greater meaning, the better. Especially for those who are in the midst of processing the passing of their own loved one.

'Conduit' not only offers the opportunity for greater awareness of life, death, the afterlife, soul-to-soul relationships, and deep on-going love, but exists as a stunning example of how to nurture those relationships on the earth plane so they continue beyond the loved one's transition to non-physical form.

Often, personal private stories of struggle and overcoming challenges are meant to be shared to inspire similar resolution and truth for others, especially when the circumstances seem lost to meaning, or seemingly random.

I invite you to read 'Conduit' not as a voyeur, but as a participant of a greater remembering of meaning, of purpose, and a continuation of sacred soul love.

Check out the video and then TODAY ONLY, download 'Conduit: A Love Before, During, & After Life, 2nd edition' for .99¢